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  Youth Art Month

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What is Youth Art Month?

Youth Art Month takes place in the month of March.  It is an observation, that occurs simultaneously in virtually every state, to help heighten the recognition of art to the general public. This observance is to emphasize the value of art and art education for all children and to encourage public support for quality school art programs.  During this time frame you will find everything from large events in major cities to local showcases in small town schools, libraries or stores. The variety of activities that occur throughout the country are limited only to the creative ideas of those who participate.  Anyone who has a genuine concern for quality art programs can start an observance.  You will find librarians, parents, educators, youth organization leaders and business people involved to some degree.

Who Runs This Organization?

The Council for Art Education, Inc. (CFAE) is the sponsor of Youth Art Month.  The CFAE runs Youth Art Month at the national level, as well as supporting state programs. Each state hasmany different ways of celebrating Youth Art Month. One of the national programs includes an annual student flag design. The completed flags are flown in Washington, DC during the month of March.

Where Do I Find Out Events?

To find out what is happening in your state, contact your state's YAM Chairperson.  To obtain this name and address contact the Council for Art Education.  You could also call the art departments of schools, local libraries, art museums, or art stores in your area to see if they have events planned for Youth Art Month. Or, if you have an idea for an event, let them know your ideas. Ideas and help will always be welcomed.

Why Is Art Education Important?

YAM provides a forum to support art education because it develops self-esteem, appreciation of the work of others, self-expression, cooperation with others, and critical thinking skills.....all vital to the success of our future leaders, our children. Author Unknown.

Too often, the value of participation in the arts is underestimated.  The arts enrich our lives and enrich our learning. And the arts are a valuable learning tool that reinforces the other disciplines, like reading, writing, social studies, even science and math." --- New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman

Other Ways to Help?

Tax-deductible contributions from foundations, corporations or individuals are being accepted.  Several levels of contributions have been established and each category entitles the donor to a certain level of recognition.  For further information contact The Council for Art Education.

Ideas For Youth Art Month...

Be creative and let your imagination lead you to the perfect celebration for your group.  The variety of activities that occur throughout the country are limited only to the creative ideas of those who participate. Activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • art clinics

  • lectures

  • museum exhibits

  • banners or posters

  • tee shirts, buttons

  • films

  • school or district wide art shows

  • store windows painted by students

  • grocery bags designed by using student's artwork

  • cards for lunch trays for hospitals, cafeterias and nursing homes

  • create an art trivia game.

Websites containing Youth Art Month Ideas....

Wy'East Middle School

Girl Power


Council For Art Education

Montgomery County Public Schools


To obtain a free booklet of ideas on celebrating Youth Art Month, complete the form below or write, call, fax or e-mail to:

Sarah M. Balkam
National Youth Art Month Specialist
The Council for Art Education, Inc.
Mail:  P. O. Box 479

Delivery:  1280 Main Street, 2nd Floor

Hanson, MA 02341-0479
Telephone  781-293-4100
Fax  781-294-0808



The Purpose Of Youth Art Week...

It is the hope of organizers that by setting the month of March aside to recognize the arts, teachers/educators will use the opportunity to promote visual arts as a fundamental part of education to their community.