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   Cheerleading Fundraiser Ideas

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How to be the Best Cheerleader Cheerleading Fundraisers


Fundraising is an essential for cheerleaders to help defray the cost of uniforms and competitions.  The ideas listed below are suited for all organizations who are interested in fundraising.

Easy Fundraisers for Cheerleading

  • Simply Sell Food/Drinks During Games or After School 

    Soft pretzels, ice cream and water ice are always in demand. 


  • Sell cheer items - It can be as simple as magnets, or as elaborate as tee shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, and/or pajamas.  Anyone who participates in cheer will love to wear or own these items.

  • Have silent auction - Items can include tickets to sporting events, dinners at local restaurants, services by the cheerleaders such as shoveling, car wash, music/cheer lessons, tutors, and services by parents based on their profession.
  • Sell meal tickets for a bag lunch -  Work out a discount with a local business to provide you with hoagies. Simply add chips and a drink and you have your lunch.  Sell tickets in advance and set up a delivery date.
  • Organize a spaghetti dinner -  Have the cheerleaders invite family and friends. This can be done right in the school cafeteria.  Cover tables in red checkered table cloths and put centerpieces or battery operated candles on the table.  Have parents donate the food.  Set it out buffet style and enjoy!!
  • Offer Cheer Service Days -  Have the cheerleaders offer services around the holidays.  For instance gift wrapping at Christmas, babysitting on Valentine’s Day or New Year's Eve.
  • Have a Car Wash - It is always a successful fundraiser providing it is at a good location and sufficiently advertised.  Make sure flyers are distributed in advance and posters with the price and date are planted strategically around the location at least a week prior to the event.  Make sure you designate jobs such as washer, dryer, money man prior to the event to avoid chaos.

  • Set up  a restaurant night -  Many local restaurants will give you a percentage of sales on a designated night for all sales that your organization brings to their business.  Most of the time this will occur on a weeknight.  Be sure to advertise in advance and if the restaurant has take-out try and have that included in your deal.
  • Create a cookbook -  Collect favorite recipes from parents, family, friends and teachers.
  • Dessert Sale - Sell pies, cookies and/or fudge for Christmas, Thanksgiving and/or Easter.  If you have bakers in the group homemade always sells!!
  • Sell Game Comfort Items -  Blankets and bleacher cushions in school colors.
  • Have a Bingo Night.  Solicit local businesses, family and friends for items to use as prizes.  Wrap prizes in cellophane and ribbons to make them look pretty.  Make themed baskets if possible.
  • Organize an egg hunt for Easter - Set up a table to sell baked goods.  Don't forget to have your donation box out in the open for all to see and drop change into.
  • Sponsor a Ladies Night - Contact local crafters and home distributors such as Silpada jewelry, and Pampered Chef.  Charge a fee to rent a table and then negotiate a percentage of their sales that night to be donated to the cheer squad.  Invite everyone that you know to be sure you have a good turn out.
  • Organize a Cheer Clinic:  Have your coaches and cheerleaders do a cheer clinic for younger children.  Charge $10 per child for a 2 hour session on Saturday morning.  Create a flyer and distribute to elementary schools in your district. Have them perform at a game.  
  • Organize a bake sale - This can be done right at the field and it is always successful.  Especially if coffee/tea/hot chocolate is included for the early morning games.  You can also do a bake sale at school on an event when lots of parents will be there like back to school night.


  • Theater Trip - Organize a ladies trip to the theater.  You may want to include lunch or dinner in the price.

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