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Tips For Buying Cheerleading Shoes

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Since cheerleaders spend their entire time on their feet doing jumps, kicks, and stunts it is extremely important to have the proper shoes.  The comfort of the shoes that you are wearing can make a big difference in your performance.  You want shoes that look good but can meet yours needs while participating in this active sport.   Selecting the right shoe must be a top priority.  The tips listed here for buying cheerleading shoes will help you in your selection process.  You must consider comfort, fit, style, features and of course your budget when buying cheerleading shoes.


It is important that you purchase cheerleading shoes that have good cushioning.  Also look for something that is lightweight and flexible.  Lastly, you want a material that is breathable. 


You can have the most expensive shoe on the market, but, if the shoe doesn't fit and it isn't appropriate for the sport, don't wear it.  As with all types of sporting shoes a good quality will normally last a year or two depending on how much the squad performs and how quickly your child grows.  All brands fit differently so it is very important to try them on before you make a purchase.  Try the shoes on both feet and walk around in the shoes on a hard surface.  They will feel different on different surfaces.  Remember that your children should have some room to grow so a thumb width at the toe is a good rule to follow. Cheerleading shoes that fit properly will help to improve your child's performance and help to avoid injuries.


Prior to purchasing a cheerleading shoe be sure to check with the coach to see if there are any specific requirements regarding style.  Cheerleading shoes come in white and some can have interchangeable color insertions. So make sure the style you are ordering will meet team requirements.  All of the major manufacturers such as Nike, Converse, Asics, Reebok, New Balance and Adidas, Kaepa, Nfinity, to name a few, offer cheerleading shoes.


The required features will be dictated by the cheer routines that your child will be performing. Stunts and flips would dictate a different type of athletic shoe than dance routines.  In general, you want a shoe that is as lightweight as possible but still offers support cushioning and comfort.  The shoes should be durable, easy to maintain and made of a breathable material.  Specifically if the squad will be performing stunts or tumbling prioritize such features as finger grips or heel grooves with flexible support for safety as well as shock absorption, ankle support and scalloped archways.  For squads that don't stunt shoes must be lightweight and flexible with breathable support reinforced at the heel and ball of the foot.


Keep in mind that you get what you pay for when purchasing cheerleading shoes.  The price will be a direct result of the quality of the shoe.  Remember that cheaper shoes may not be able to take the wear as a result of the jumps and stunts.  It could result in having to replace them more often.  In addition, a cheaper shoe may not be as comfortable.  Cheerleading shoes range in price from approximately $20 to $70.  You will find that the average shoes run from $30 -$50.  Once you have determined your budget, choose a shoe at the upper end of your range that will offer a higher level of quality.  You may go a bit cheaper for young children that are growing and have simpler routines but consider more expensive shoes once your child reaches middle school and high school years.

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