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 Cheerleading Terminology
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As with any sport or activity, specific terminology is used to describe the equipment, and explain the techniques. Listed are some commonly used terms within the cheerleading community.



A cartwheel where hands do not touch the ground of floor.
All Stars Cheerleading A competitive squad that is not associated with a school but rather with a local gym.
Attack the Crowd A technique to get the audience more involved.
Back Handspring Jumping backwards onto your hands and then quickly pushing from hands to feet.
Base Person on the bottom of a stunt or pyramid .
Briefs or Bloomers Matching undergarment that are worn under the cheerleading uniform.  Also known as spankies, tights or lollipops.
Buckets Where a cheerleader holds their arms straight out in from of them with fists facing down.
Candle Sticks Where a cheerleader extends arms in front with fists facing each other.
Captain/Co-Captain The leader(s) of the squad or team.
Chant A short cheer or repetitive yell sometimes involving the crowd.
Cheer A longer, spirited yell that involves motions, stunts and pom poms.
Choreography The dance steps or movements that make up a routine.
Coach The person that instructs the cheerleading squad
Competitions Events where squads test their skills against other squads by performing routines and battling for placement.
Deadman When the flyer falls backward or forwards out of a stunt and is caught by several people.
Elevator A cheer stunt where two bases hold a different foot of one flyer.
Flyer The cheerleader who is lifted in the air by bases or the cheerleader that is at the top of the pyramid or stunt.
Judge The panel who score the cheerleaders at tryouts or the team at a competition.
JV Junior Varsity - the secondary squad at a school that is normally comprised of underclassman.
Pyramid A cheer move where there are multiple cheerleaders mounted or a group of stunts next to each other.
Pom Poms The hand held ball of plastic strips connected by a handle that is used by cheerleaders.
Pom Pom Routine A dance routine that is performed by cheerleaders using their pom poms.
Spotter The cheerleader who watches for potential danger during a stunt or mount.
Tick-Tock When a flyer switches feet during a stunt.


Touchdown The motion used when the football team scores a touchdown.  The cheerleader places both arms directly over head, tight against head/ears with palms facing each other pinky side out.
Try Outs A  process conducted by the coach and/or trained or accredited judges where individuals are judged on skills and performance to create a squad.



The main cheerleading squad the represents a school, college or university.  Made up  of upperclassmen and underclassman with high skill levels.