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 How to be a Great Cheerleader

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Cheerleading has changed over the years and it is no longer about cheers and pom-poms.  Today's cheerleaders are athletic, competitive and confident.  It takes true dedication and hard work to get involved with cheerleading.  There are certain qualities that you must possess to be a cheerleader and to be a great cheerleader you must work at it.

Qualities Needed for Cheerleading

  • Hardworking student with good grades
  • A great, positive attitude
  • Commitment and dedication to your team
  • Patience and persistence
  • Confidence
  • Athleticism and physical strength
  • Sportsmanship
  • Ability to follow rules and directions

Cheerleading Tips

  • Know the rules of the game and respect the officials.

  • Always smile, be positive and look like you are having fun.

  • Always show good sportsmanship.

  • Discourage negative reactions from spectators.

  • Always follow safety guidelines.

  • Show enthusiasm and spirit at all times.

  • Remember to keep eye contact.

  • Always look your best - remember no jewelry, excessive makeup or chewing gum.

  • Give extra encouragement and more energy if your team is behind.

  • Always use a clear, loud voice.

  • Moves should always be tight and rigid.

  • Learn the terminology.

  • Follow the game and cheer accordingly. Use pre-game, half-time, time-outs and change of quarters to perform and entertain the crowd.  While play is in progress use one or two word chants to focus support.

  • Follow all team rules.

  • Pay attention to what your captains are doing so you are prepared for the next cheer or stunt.

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ART A wonderful way for children to express their creativity, while at the same time learning fundamental skills that will improve their artistic endeavors.

THEATER teaches the importance of dedication, focus and practice.


SCUBA teaches you to set goals and progress steadily towards them with the help of your instructors.

GYMNASTICS is the foundation for all sports because it teaches your child to control their body.


BIKING is a great family activity and it is something that kids love to do.