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As with any other sport or activity cheerleading requires specific gear for practice and games.  Listed below are the details of the uniform requirements for cheerleading.

Comfortable clothes are needed for cheerleading.  Practice gear normally consists of cheer shorts, cheer t-shirts, cheer stretch pants and cheer shoes.

Your child will be issued a cheerleading uniform that is standard for the team and is used for all performances.   If the uniform is provided then you may be required to give a deposit check that is returned when the uniform is sent back in good condition.  Most school cheerleading uniforms will need to be purchased and fitted to your body. 

Uniforms are usually made from a polyester blend with some spandex for durability.  It normally consists of a skirt and shell designed in colors of the team and/or organization they are representing.   The top/shell is form fitting with either long or no sleeves.  Since most school squads opt for sleeveless tops they wear a bodysuit or turtle neck under it.  The average length for cheerleading skirts is 12 to 14 inches therefore skirts are worn over top of spandex/polyester briefs known as lollies or spankies. Pom-poms are a mandatory piece of cheerleading equipment. 

You will also need to purchase cheerleading shoes, which are designed for the safety of the cheerleaders and low white socks.   In most cases you will also need a warm-up suit.  A cheer gear bag is good to  hold a change of clothes, hair brush, etc... for after a game or competition.  It is suggested to wear a sports bra under the shell and to have a water bottle.

The cost of purchasing a full uniform is around $350.  Many times schools will set up a uniform swap session where gently used uniforms can be purchased.



  • Wash only in cold water.

  • Do not ever use chlorine bleach.

  • Remove promptly from washing machine to avoid wrinkles.

  • Do not put your uniform in the clothes dryer. Hang up to dry on plastic hangers. Skirt pleats will fall in place if hung up to dry.

  • Do not iron it will melt the material or leave discolored marks.

  • Do not have dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning will ruin the fabric.

  • Cheer and Tide laundry detergents are the most popular for colorfast clothing.

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