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 Bike Safety Rules
Biking Bike Safety Rules Bike Hand Signals Junior or U19 Racing

Bike Safety Rules

For the protection of everyone in your family, it is extremely important that bike safety is understood. It is important to remember that you must always be responsible, aware of your surroundings, use common sense, and show courtesy to others in order to enjoy the outing.

  • Always wear a helmet.

  • Never ride in the opposite direction of traffic.

  • Always wear bright clothing so that you can be easily seen.

  • Always ride in a straight line.

  • Try to use bike lanes or designated bike routes whenever possible.

  • Always stop and check for traffic in both directions before pulling out.

  • Always follow the rules of the road. Stop for red lights and stop signs. Know road signs

  • Consider walking your bike through an intersection.

  • Use bike hand signals to indicate a change in your movement like turning or stopping.

  • Never wear a IPOD or anything with headphone while riding.

  • Never answer your cell phone while riding.

  • Make sure reflectors are intact when riding at night.

  • Use a bike light for riding in the dark.

  • Never ride close to parked cars --drivers and passengers may open doors in your path.

  • Watch traffic closely for turning cars or cars pulling out of driveways.

  • Watch out for road hazards like potholes, stones, wet roads, oil or sand.

  • Always check your bike prior to riding to make sure it is in good condition.

  • Check weather forecast before beginning the trip.

  • Maintain control at all times and always focus on biking and your surroundings.

  • Stop in a safe place for you and others where you will not interfere with cars or other bikers.

  • Never litter take all trash with you.