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How to Keep Kids Amused When Walking

It is important that everyone in the group be able handle the distance.  You will want plenty of roadside attractions so you can stop along the way.  Ponds, streams, playgrounds, ice cream stands, and picnic areas are great spots for the kids get take a break.  While walking why not play a game.  The classic travel games will go a long way on a walk and it will keep the kids so busy they will not even think about the time.

Alphabetical Trip   

This is a fun and easy car game that let's the kids use their imagination.

One person starts with the letter "A" and says, "I'm going on a trip, and I'm going to bring ____ " and names something that begins with the letter "A." The next person repeats what the first person said, and adds something that starts with a "B." The next repeats what they said, but adds a "C" item, and so on until someone can't remember the whole list. For small children, don't repeat and just let them add a new item that is the next letter of the alphabet.

Count to win 

Pick a theme – it can be anything.  Some examples are Cars, Pick-up Trucks, Houses, Trees, Stop Signs, Flowers, Birds, Dogs etc… Set a timer for 30 minutes.  Start to count all the items that you find along your path. The person with the most when the timer goes off is the winner.  Sounds like a fun game right?

Special Sound

Select a sound like a dog barking, a person talking, or  a bird chirping.  Have everyone line up in a straight line and start to walk.  When you hear the special sound the front person runs to the back of the line and the walk continues until everyone has had a turn in the lead.

 I Spy  

Look around and pick an object you can see. Then give others a clue such as, "I spy with my little eye... something blue.”  Continue to give more clues until they guess the object. Every kid loves to play I Spy, so why not use it on your walk to keep them amused?  You can always change the rules to mix it up a little.  For instance, everything that you pick must be natural like grass, trees, flowers, or a pine cone.

Guess Who?

Think of a friend or relative and then give a hint to help the rest of the family figure out who the mystery person may be.  For example, "It is a female".  Each person then gets a turn to ask a question to help figure out who it is.  The first person may ask “Does she wear glasses?”  You answer the question and they take a guess.  If they are not correct it goes to the next person who has a chance ask a question but if they are correct they get to select the next mystery person.  This is a great game since it is about someone that they know!!

Name That Song

Each person gets a turn at selecting a word and then everyone else has to see if they can come up with a song that uses the word.  The key here is that they have to sing the song!  For example:  Someone gives the word “cheeseburger”  What song has cheeseburger in it well someone begins to sing Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.  You can take it a step further and then ask who the artist is who sang the song. 

Spice up the Walk

Randomly add crazy things as you are walking along.  For instance have them run to a stop sign, hop 10 times, skip to the end of the block.  The diversity will keep them amused and if you participate in the craziness it will be even more fun.