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 Walking Reward System

Walking Walking Games Finding Walking Trails Reward System

It is important to keep the kids interested in participating in your routine walk schedule.  What better way than to offer rewards.  Consider purchasing a pedometer for each member of your family so that they can see how many steps they took each time you walk. 

Set up goals and create a reward chart.  Have the kids participate in setting up this reward system.  The higher the number of steps taken the bigger and better the reward.  Let them know that they can save their points or use them right away.

The reward should be some type of a family outing. Rewards could include:

  • bowling

  • a trip to the beach for the day

  • a movie night, ice skating

  • laser tag

  • a visit to a toy store

  • make your own ice cream sundaes

  • board game night

  • camping

  • visit a local playground

  • a trip to an amusement park

  • visit the local zoo

  • take a boat ride

  • go on a bike ride

  • visit a museum

  • go out for dinner

  • make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast

You will find that they will be very motivated and will love the challenge.