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Locating Gymnastics Programs



Quite often it is difficult for parents just starting out in a particular activity to locate the programs or schools in your community.  There are in fact a number of ways to find a gymnastics program in your area:

  • newspaper
  • elementary schools
  • sporting goods stores
  • parents
  • telephone directory
  • web sites


Information on gymnastic programs will often appear in your local newspapers.  Page ads throughout the paper or notices in the sports section would be a place to look.

Elementary schools...

Many elementary schools will distribute flyers containing youth gymnastic information for the community.  Once your child reaches Middle school the information that you receive will be for school district activities.

Sporting goods stores....

Local sporting goods stores may have bulletin boards containing information for all sporting activities in the community. 

Merchants providing gymnastics/dance clothing may also have information on local programs.


Other parents are a great source of information since many have already participated in gymnastics with older children. 

Telephone Directory......

The telephone directory is another source that may have listings of the gymnastic schools in your area.

Web Sites.....

Many organizations have web sites containing information about their programs.


The important thing to remember is to start your research early so that you have time to gather information, speak with the administrators and staff of various schools in your area, observe the school and talk to other parents.