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Father's Day Gifts Kids Can Make


Father’s Day is a day to thank Dad and to show him how much he is loved.  This can be accomplished in many ways but for it to be really special why not make him a present.  The important thing about making a present is to make sure it is personal.  Dad’s present should be unique to him, something that is very special to him and him alone. Presents can be made personal by having them relate to a specific event, hobby, or loved one. For example use photographs to personalize your present or make something about Dad’s favorite sport or activity.  So pull out the supplies and make a craft for father's day.

Listed below are some great presents for dad from the kids:


Rice Krispies Treat Fathers Day Shirt and Tie
compliments of


3 tablespoons  butter or margarine

1 package (10 oz., about 40)regular marshmallows OR 4 cups miniature marshmallows

6 cups Rice Krispies

Canned frosting


1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat.

2. Add KELLOGG'S RICE KRISPIES cereal. Stir until well coated.

3. Using buttered spatula or wax paper evenly press mixture into 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan coated with cooking spray. Cool. Using canned frosting pipe tie and shirt collar on top. To serve cut into 2-inch squares. Best if served the same day.

Dedication Tape

Pull out your camcorder and create a tape for dad!!  Be sure to get everyone involved; in front of and behind the camera.   You will need to be creative with this one.

Take one child at a time have them state their name and age and then ask them questions as you film.  You may need to adjust your questions based on the age of your kids.  Examples:
What is you favorite thing to do with Dad?
Where is your favorite place to go with Dad?
What is the funniest thing that Dad ever did?
What is something that Dad has taught you to do?
Do you think Dad has a cool job?
Why is your dad the best Dad in the world?
What do you love about your Dad?

You may want to have them make something for dad and present it to him on film as well.  They could explain what they made, how they made it and why it is special.

The kids can put on a show or sing a song to add to the film.

When your filming project is complete you are guaranteed to leave him with a smile and the kids will have a blast making it.



Decorative Check Book Covers. 

Check book covers can be purchased at  To locate them put the words check book covers in the search block. Decorate card stock with markers.  You can do a picture, words, or a geometric design. Once completed place the card stock into the plastic check book cover. It simple, functional and very cute.  I did this project at my the Holiday Workshop at my children's school and it was a great easy craft.



Ocean  Paper Weight

This is a great present for the Dad who loves the ocean.  Take a large baby food jar (or any jar that size) clean and remove all labels.  Fill the bottom, about ¾ of an inch, with colorful fish tank gravel.  Add a few miniature sea shells and add a small piece of some artificial underwater greenery.  Mix some blue food coloring to water and fill the jar.  Tightly secure the lid and you have an ocean paperweight.



House Key Holder

Compliments of Family fun magazine

Family Key Keeper



A personalized rack that Dad(and everyone else) can use to keep track of car and house keys.



Materials Needed
Two picture hangers
2 ½ by 12 inch pine board
Several wooden spoons ( purchased at a craft store)
Twine or yarn
Small brass cup hooks

First, attach the picture hangers to the back of the pine board according to the package directions.

Decorate the wooden spoons with colored markers to resemble each person and pet in your family. When they're done coloring, fashion hairdos by gluing on pieces of yarn

Next, glue the handle of each spoon to the back of the pine board, as shown, so that the characters are spaced equally apart.

Once the glue dries, screw a brass hook into the board below each character, and the rack is ready to give as a gift.
Note: Rather than drawing the face you can cut out the face from family photos a glue in place and then draw the body.  Also for a more personalized touch add names.


Personalized Note Pads

This is a simple but useful present.  Have your child decorate the top of a piece of paper (the size you want your note pad to be) and then take it to a copy shop or printer to be made into notepads

Edible Gifts

You will always be safe with something homemade or baked.  It is a rare father who will pass up a treat made from their child.  The kids can help make cookies or a cake and decorate it.  How about chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate covered strawberries.  Fudge is quick and easy to make.  Dad will love it.



Specialized Tee Shirt

Purchase a tee shirt Dad’s size and a package of tee-shirt transfers from you local craft store. 
Create an image or your computer or scan a picture.
Follow the directions on your tee-shirt transfer package to print and transfer the image to the shirt.  Be sure to remember when creating your image to flip it prior to printing so that it prints properly on the shirt.  Note: When ironing the transfer on to the shirt be sure to do it on a flat surface NOT an ironing board.


Map Holder
Directions compliments of

This a project that I did at the holiday workshop for my kids school.  It is a little tough to do, little ones will need help, but it turns out great. 

Materials needed
Manila File folder
(6) 1 inch long brass fasterners
Hole punch
Old road map
Medium size rubber band
Scissors and white glue


If the file folder has a tab on it, trim off the tab so that the edges of the folder are even. Open the folder and lay it down on your work surface with the outside  of the folder facing up. cover the entire outside of the folder with glue. Cover the folder with paper from an old road map, trimming off the extra paper so that it fits exactly.

While the glue is still wet, turn the folder over and fold the bottom and top of it to make an envelope with a flap. Hold the folder closed with clothespins until it dries

Punch a hole in the top and bottom of each side of the folder. Punch a hole in the middle of the folder flap. Also poke a hole in the middle of the bottom half of the front of the holder, but not through the back (Ask a grownup for help with this hole since the punch will not reach.)

Put a paper fastener through each of the four holes on the sides of the folder. The fasteners can be folded tight to the folder if it is going to contain only one or two maps. If you want to make a larger folder that can fit more maps, just loosen the paper fasteners slightly on each side.

Put a fastener in the holes on the flap and and bottom front of the folder. Flip the end of a rubber band over the paper fastener on the flap of the folder. To close the folder, just slip the other end of the rubber band over the second paper fastener



Fun Box

This can be made into a “Nuts and Bolts” box, Tackle box for hooks and lures, Desk Organizer for paper clips and rubber bands, Jewelry box for rings and tie tacks.  You will need a small plastic case with compartments, Foam sticky letters spelling “DAD”,
and decorations specific for your theme.  For example, you can use a hammer and nails for a “Nuts and Bolts” box.  Decorate the top of the box, add the word Dad and fill with Dad’s special items.



Car Wash Kit

Have the kids decorate a bucket using permanent markers or non-washable paint.

Place somewhere to dry

Once the work of art is dry have them fill it with everything dad needs to wash his car.  Examples include sponges, paper towels, cleaning products and an IOU to wash his car for him


No-sew fleece pillow

You can make dad a great floor pillow to use for watching TV and it can be personalized based on his hobbies or interests.

This is an awesome project that I did with my Girl Scout troop.  We used vibrant colors with a pattern on one side and a coordinating solid color on the other side.  We used  pillow filler rather than a pillow form and they turned out great.  Just make sure you use enough filler and get in all of the corners.  It does take some time to tie all of the knots so you may want to allow a few takes to do this project so that the kids do not get tired.

Materials Needed
Fleece fabric (when choosing the fabric consider Dad’s hobbies or interests)
White pillow form or you can use white pillow filler
Iron on letters or Fabric paint

Measure fleece fabric to the desired dimensions, then add 4 in. to your measurements for all four sides to allow for the pillow’s fringe. Cut two identical-sized panels out of the fleece, according to your measurements.  You can use the same fabric or a different color on each side.

Hold both fleece panels together. Cut a row of 1-in.-wide vertical strips along one side of both fleece panels. Repeat for all four sides.

Tie knots along three of the four sides of the fleece panels by tying one vertical strip (from the fleece panel on top) together with one back strip (from the fleece panel on the bottom) and knot tightly.

Three sides of the fleece panels should be closed, creating a pocket. Tuck the pillow form or the white filler into the pocket.  Now knot the remaining fleece strips on the last side to close up the pillow cover.

Personalize it by adding DAD using iron-on letters or fabric paint.   


Photo Wallet card

Create a portable photo album for Dad to keep in his wallet

Materials needed

Card Stock
Glue stick
Clear contact paper or packing tape
Family pictures – trim and cut into shapes to fit nicely into a collage.  You may want to use mostly faces since this is a small area.

Trace a credit card onto card stock and cut out the shape.   Arrange pictures on card stock in a design that you like and then glue them.  Write a special greeting on the back, you may want to include the age of the kids.  Next cover the front and back if the card with clear contact paper or clear packing tape leaving an 1/8 inch border on all sides.  Note: you can also laminate the card at a copy shop.

Mini Travel Kit

Purchase a sturdy, expandable plastic envelope from an office supply store.  Make sure it is small enough to fit into the glove compartment of your car.  Have the kids decorate the front (keep dad’s interests in mind with the decorations)   Fill with on-the-road essentials: map, pen, sticky notes, gum, roll of quarters, package of tissues, package of hand wipes, hand sanitizer.

NOTE: This can be altered to be used as a “first aid kit” simply filling with Tylenol, Band-Aids, Neosporin, etc.. OR a “Travel toiletry kit” by adding a toothbrush, and travel size toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and shaving cream.


Pen holder personalized for dad

You will need an empty soup can washed with the label removed.
White glue or decoupage paste.
Old magazines or photos

Have your child select a theme that relates to dad.  For instance is he a golfer?  Does he love soccer?  Is he a football fanatic?  Does he love water sports?

Then go through pictures and magazines pulling images and words to use to decorate the soup can that match his interests.  Be sure to cut out the pictures in different shapes to give it some character.  Paste the selected images and words to the soup can “collage” style. Let it dry overnight and fill with pens, pencils or special treats.

Note:  You may want to combine this craft with our edible treat idea and make some homemade fudge or chocolate pretzels.  You can then  wrap them and put  the treat inside the can.  Wrap the can in cellophane paper and put a bow on it.  Dad will love it!


Create a “Sweet” Father’s Day Card

Materials Needed:

Card Stock
One piece of each of the following miniature candies (Tootsie Roll, Jolly Rancher, Hershey Bar, Pay Day and M&M)

Take the card stock and at the top put the following words:  YOUR ARE THE GREATEST DAD IN THE WORLD BECAUSE… You can either print these words with a marker or create them on the computer and glue them on to the card stock.

Glue each piece of candy in a straight line down the left side of the paper.  Leave space between and next to each piece of candy to write/computer generate a clever message.

At the bottom write HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADDY.  You can either print these words with a marker or create them on the computer and glue them on to the card stock.





“You make us roll with laughter”


“You’re the jolliest, sweetest Dad in the world”


"You are an All-American classic”


“You work so hard for all of us”


“We love you More and More each Day”