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Kids Resources and Websites

Great websites to help your children complete homework assignments, research projects as well as have fun.

History, Geography and Government

  • Official Kids Site for US Government
    This is
    the official kids' portal for the U.S. government.  It contains valuable information on art, government, math, money, fitness and more. Site is easily navigated based on age groups.

Fun Sites

  • Build a Bearville
    Owned by Build-A-Bear it allows kids to play games with friends from Build-A-Bear workshop.  in a sage environment.
  • Wiglington and Wenks
    Based on a popular children's story book series by John Bittleston. This site allows kids travel around the world and to learn about geography and history and have fun at the same time. Recommended for ages 7 to 14.
  • Secret Builders
    Designed for kids 6 to 14 years olds.  This site allows them to explore virtual lands and interact with real and fictional characters.
  • Franktown Rocks
    This a multiplayer online game based on music. It was designed for kids 6 -12 years old and allows you to introduce kids to music in a fun way through games and videos.
  • Neopets
    This is a virtual pet site. In this world you can create an account and then care for up to four virtual pets.  You have the ability to earn money (Neopoints) in a variety of ways and then can use it to buy food, toys, clothes, and other accessories for your pets.
  • Potropica
    Poptropica is a free virtual game designed for kids ages 6 to 15. It was created by the Family Education Network,  In Poptropica  you create a character and then travel to different islands, each with challenges, tasks and mysteries to solve. Some parts of each island are locked until you can accomplish certain goals therefore you can expect to make multiple trips into the game.
  • Minyanland
    This site is set up like the real world and it encourages kids to learn about investing and money.  You will find Main street, libraries, banks, neighborhoods and more.  Kids create  critters known as avatars and earn money in a variety of ways including doing chores.   It is probably best for kids over 10 years old although it is recommended for 3rd to 5th graders.
  • Club Penguin
    this online game is owned by Disney and designed for ages 6 to 14.
     You start by creating your own penguin and then entering into its snowy world. Coins are earned while playing games that can be used to purchase a variety of items such a a virtual pet call a puffle. You can interact with friends on this website in a safe and secure environment.
  • Webkinz
    This online game requires the use of Webkinz which are toy stuffed animals purchased in retail stores that has an attached tag with a unique "Secret Code" printed on it. It is this code that allows access to the "Webkinz World" website where you can care for your new virtual pet and play games.
  • PBSKids
    A fun site where your child can select their favorite PBS television show characters, play games, hear music, and watch videos.
  • Orisinal
    This site contains some simple, non-violent, ad-free computer games for younger children. There are approximately 60 different games to choose from, each with a simple theme and goal.
  • Download-a-Dinosuar
    You will find designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs like T-Rex, Stegosaurus that you can download  and print out on your printer.

News Resources

  • Scholastic News Zone
    News stories, book reviews, sports, learning activities and more.
  • CNN Student News
    Is a great source that helps middle and high school students understand each day's top news.
  • Channel One
    This is a great site for breaking national news as well as games, music, sports, and homework help.
  • Kids News Room
    Provides educational material useful for students, teachers and parents.  Includes topics on History, Math, Science, Language Arts and more.
  • National Geographic for Kids
    Videos, games, stories and facts about people, places and things around the world.
  • Yahooligans News
    A fun and educational resource that provides current events, movies, science entertainment,  and animal news geared toward children.
  • TIME for Kids
    This is a magazine as well as a website.  The site offers daily news coverage for kids that is divided into grade categories


 Science and Music.


  • A PLUS Math:  Helps kids improve their Math skills interactively.  Games, word find puzzles, flashcards, worksheets, and a homework helper will keep kids enjoying the site.
  • Cool Math 4 Kids: Great Math activities designed to be fun for students.


  • Book Adventure: This is a free motivational reading program for children K-8.

  • Starfall: This site is designed for pre-readers as well as  more advanced readers up to second grade.  It is full of cool graphics and audio that the kids will love.

  • Audio Stories:  This site has eleven different audio stories in which animals help the reader to learn about themselves.

  • Harry Potter: Welcome to the world of Harry Potter


  • National Gallery of Art for Kids : Interactive art site that will keep your kids amused by playing art hide and seek, creating an online art piece and learning about paintings.