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Update List for All Star Activities

Home of kids sports and activities. Gather information on sports, dance, gymnastics, musical instruments, reading, movies, museums and family vacations. 

Hope that you enjoy our new features. Stop back soon we are updating information regularly.
New Feature Date Added
Kids Chore List by Age

Giving Plate

Rainy Day Survival Guide

Links for must see museums

Oct 2014
Thanksgiving craft - napkin holder

Thanksgiving game - roll the pumpkin
Nov 2013


Added Christmas crafts

Added new Halloween recipes

Oct 2013
Back to School Party Ideas Sept 2013
Ideas for a candy buffet July 2013
Craft - Flip Flop Wreath

Craft - Flip Flop flower pot

Craft - Personalized Patriotic Tee shirt

June 2013
Kids Party Game - Toss N Talk May 2013
Mardi Gras Added Mar 2013
Valentine Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie recipe

Cupid Wafer Cookie recipe

Cupid Crunch recipe

I Dig You Valentine Craft

Updated Front screen

Jan 2013
Rice Krispie Snowman Recipe

Hershey Bar Snowman Craft

Dec 2012
Added Amazon gift card sales

Updated Halloween section added new games and recipes

Oct 2012
Halloween tailgate

A soldier's Halloween treat package

Sept 2012
List of Rainy Day Classic Movies

Kid's craft - beach critter

Kid's craft - personalized beach towel

Aug 2012
Review of Washington D.C.

Added photo gallery four

Added How to buy rugby boots

Updated Scavenger Hunt page


May 2012
White House Pets Mar 2012
Added Must See Halloween Destinations


Feb 2012


Added Birthday Traditions

Updated Kids Websites

Jan 2012
Printable Football Number Maze

Printable Soccer Number Maze

College Care Package Ideas

Soccer Snack Ideas

Nov 2011
Service Project Ideas

Vacation Memory Page

Vacation Word Search

Crew Terminology

Crew History

Vacation Memory Page

Oct 2011
Added Crew

List of Things to Bring to College

Sept 2011


Updated Front Page

Added Famous zoos

Pocono Stock Car Experience

Aug 2011
Changed front page -- surfing

Tips for Post Prom on School Property

Personalized Valentine's Day Mailbox

Easter Bunny Smores

Universal Studios

Islands of Adventure

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

May 2011
Caring for fencing equipment

How to select a fencing coach

When to tart fencing competitions

Updated front screen - lacrosse

History of lacrosse

Mar 2011


Updated winter birthday parties

How to make juggling balls

Feb 2011


Added Valentine's Day Coupons

Easy Way to organize volunteer schedules and donation lists

Tips for a carnival fundraiser

eBooks for kids

Updated Front Page

Added Tips to Making Your Fundraiser Successful

Updated Wrestling Pictures

Added Pictures to Flag Football

Added Pictures to Prom Page

Jan 2011
Added Creating Christmas Traditions Dec 2010
Updated Front Page for Chanukah and Xmas

Updated Thanksgiving pages

Added Thanksgiving Checklist

Updated Front Page with Thanksgiving

Nov 2010
Hanukkah Fun Page

Hanukkah coupon book

Tips for helping to teach kids about strangers

Updated front page - wrestling

Halloween safety tips for pets

Oct 2010
Yoga for Kids

Rock Climbing for Kids

Arasapha Farm Haunted Hayride and Bates Motel

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Kids learning organization and responsibility
Sept 2010
Miniature Garden Craft

New Front Page - Field Hockey
Aug 2010
New Front Page - Tennis

Kids crafts  - Miniature Treasure Hunt
July 2010
Kids hobbies - Collecting PEZ dispensers

Hickory Run State Park

Geocaching with kids

High School Community Service Idea
June 2010


Hobby - Juggling

Twelve Days of Christmas Ghosting Game

Halloween Ghosting

Campus safety tips and questions for parents

College campus Safety tips

Teacher Appreciation lunch

Added door decorations to teacher gifts page

Updated index page -- surfing

Father's day coupon book

Mother's day coupon book

Addition Helper Worksheet

May 2010

Kids Craft -- Olympic torch

Added Amazon Equipment Store

Added family walking section

USA Landmarks kids must see

Kids craft - beach cover-up

Apr 2010
List of necessary items when traveling with kids

Wrestling Off Season

How to find a wrestling club

Added Swimming Section

Three essential skills of fencing

Fencing penalties

U.S. Landmarks that every kid should see

Types of financial aid for colleges

Connecting with colleges

New Index page -- Dance

Mystery family Adventures

Ways to find out about colleges

Added second sports photo page

Wrestling- Dad's Advice

Cheerleading fundraisers

How to be the best cheerleader

Mar 2010
Cheerleading uniform

Cheerleading terminology

How to buy cheerleading shoes

Cheerleading - general

Things for sisters to do together

Beach birthday party ideas

Added fencing referee signals

Added Fencing to sports

Tips for purchasing school supplies

Updated Xmas crafts and games

Hobbies - Kite Flying

School Supply list

President's Day Activities

Added team building events page

Updated kids scavenger hunt page

Feb 2010
Reading summer activity calendar

Added magazines, Tony hawk movie list and you tube beginners video to skateboard page

Broke Easter fun page into multiple pages: Recipes, games, scavenger hunt

Creative Easter Baskets

Sports Magazines

Kids websites for homework, research and fun

Updated front page - wrestling

Jan 2010
Ringing Rocks Park

Winter Birthday Party ideas

Haunted Hotel Stories

Updated front page -- soccer/football

Nov 2009
Sports Team Roster with printable format

History of skateboarding timeline

Link to History of Tennis

Sports/activities clipart links

Soccer articles

Homemade dog treats

New Front Page -- soccer

Rock Collecting

Sports Memorabilia Hobby

Oct 2009
Herr's Factory tour

Day trip to Lancaster, PA

Collecting Movie Memorabilia

Collecting Legos

Stamp collecting

Review - Hilton Hawaiian Village - Oahu

New Front Page - Football

Things to do in Oahu

Things to do in Maui

Maui Restaurants

Directions for the Road to Hana

Kaanapali Beach Club

Pearl Harbor

Polynesian Cultural Center

Sept 2009
100 things to do when kids are bored

Collecting Barbie dolls

Photography as a hobby

Importance of hobbies

Coin Collecting

Reading as a hobby

Music as a hobby

American Girl Dolls

Comic book Collecting

Hobbies Introduction

Aug 2009
History of baseball

Baseball General Structure

Giving Teens Money

Top 5 Money Concepts to Teach Your Kids

Kids and learning the value of money

What parents need to understand about kids and sporting events

July 2009
Review of Philadelphia

Sesame Place

Coach presents

New front page - golf

New Hope

Peddler's Village

Trip ideas: Ancient Natural Wonders

Updated teacher presents - goodbye bags

Backyard ice rink

Things to do in Aruba

Things to do in Barbados

Things to do in Gahamas

Things to do in Bermuda

Things to do in Hawaii

Things to do in Mexico

Thinks to do in St Martin

Things to do in Turks & Caicos

Tropical islands things to do

June 2009
USA trip Ideas May 2009
Prom Tips

New Front Page - track and field

Graduation party tips

17 Rules of Soccer - Laws of the game

Wii Fit Review

Spalding rookie gear

Cross country running

April 2009
Updated Sports Movie section

Kindergarten Graduation Ideas

Updates to art section

Scuba Diving

List of Animal Movies

Boredom Bottle

New Front Page - Golf

Track and field section

Scrapbooking for kids

March 2009
Sports/activity guideline by age

Competitive biking for kids

Dutch Wonderland

Family Biking

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Pros/cons of All-Inclusive vs traditional hotels


Wrestling skin disorders

New York City

February 2009
Snow Ruler

Pen Pal kit craft

Goodbye poem/craft

Christmas books

Reading - favorite character links

Grandparent's presents

Land of Make Believe Amusement Park

World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame

Explanation of offside rule for Moms

Ice Skating

Life Sports

Updated info on Father's day and Mother's day

Super Bowl Tips

Ski Maintenance Tips

January 2009
Storybook Land

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

New Front Page -- Wrestling

New Year's Eve

Christmas Links

December 2008

Added Karate section

Selecting a Christmas tree

College Planning Timeline

Holiday Songs/lyrics

Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

November 2008
Christmas fun section

Added Golf section

Soccer books

Tips for all-inclusive vacation pkg

Survival tips for taking kids to the movies

List of snowboarding resorts

Added Theatre section

Kids crafty concoctions

Kids cooking party

Fun reading activities

Cross country skiing section

October 2008
Tips for buying a baseball bat

Baseball Poem

Snowboard terminology

New front page - music

Buying a used snowboard

Snowboard history

Snowboarding section

Computer made sports magnets

How to make team banners

How to make team bench warmers

Sports team tailgating

Fall Fun

Surf School Controversy

Snow Tubing


September 2008


Easy Travel Tips

Huntington Beach Surf Museum

Directory of Surf Camps

How to prepare for soccer tryouts

Chicago- Navy Pier

New front page - soccer

August 2008
Goodbye box

4th of July tips

July 2008
Jersey Shore Resorts

Sunglass Tips

Sunscreen Tips

Updated travel soccer

Added Junior Lifeguard Programs

June 2008
New front page -- surfing

Updated games in summer fun



Inline skating

Kids Party Planning tips

Food ideas for family camping

Summer Fun

Craft-- Magnetic car tray

Save money on Caribbean Vacations

Sick Day Survival Guide

Benefits of family camping

Added mazes/word search to kids corner

May 2008

Camping with kids

Tips for camping with your pet

What to Bring Camping

Bushkill Falls

Creative Teacher gifts

Sports bulletin board craft

Crayola Factory

Tips for traveling with pets

Winter Fun Ideas

Chore Dice

Houdini Museum

Mack Truck tour/museum

Tips for the kindergarten parent

Links to amusement parks and other recreational events

Update front page - lacrosse

Mother's day gifts kids can make

Father's day gifts kids can make

Day Trips - Martin Guitar Factory

Day Trips- Camelbeach Waterpark

April 2008

Day Trips - Jim Thorpe


Day Trips - Crystal cave and Lost River Cavern.


Family weekend getaway Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort and Marina -- Cambridge, MD


Bushkill Park

Musician's Friend Review

Knoebels Amusement Park

March 2008

Tips for selecting a nursery school

Fun things to do with preschool kids

St Patrick's Day Fun

Easter Fun

When is your teen ready to babysit

Interviewing Child Care Centers

Babysitter and Pets

How Much to Pay a Sitter

Child Care Tips

Soccer nutrition myths

Valentine's Day Fun

Saving for college

Moving with kids

Test anxiety

Study habits

Dog movies for kids

Dog books for kids

Dogs new to a family

Dog Breeds

February 2008

Surfing  General information

Selecting surfboards

Buying a used surfboard

Surfboard leashes

Surf dangers

Surf travel

Buying a wetsuit

Wetsuit Care

Art articles

Find an art teacher in your state

Youth Art Month

Kids Money Books

Kids & Making Money

Kids & Allowance

Getting family excited about magazines

Teach your child to love reading 

Benefits of elite summer camps

Job Description of a parent

January 2008

How to prepare for football

Sleepover ideas

Wresting shoes

Smoothie recipes

November 2007

Drugs and Kids

Kids Car Games for Travel,

Thanksgiving Fun

Halloween Fun

Ten Commandments for the Sports Parent

Skier's Code

Ski Equipment

Rent vs Buying skis

Downhill Skiing


October 2007

Kids art  museums

Art museums in USA

Art Classes

Added a links page

Prepare your child for not making the team

Tips for sibling separation

Article added to press release

Wrestling Hall of Fame


September 2007
Tennis Hall of Fame

Tennis book list for Children

Football movie list

Football book list for Children


August 2007
Tennis general information

Why participate in tennis

Tennis Equipment

Tennis terms, court diagram and positions


June 2007
How to select a summer camp

Weekend Getaway -- St Michaels

May 2007
Family Vacations

Kids and Pets

Nintendo Wii 

April 2007

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