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The Benefits of Going on a Camping Trip With Your Family

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Camping Checklist      

Camping is a terrific way to spend you next family vacation.  You can have quality family time while enjoying the outdoors away from phones, TV and other interruptions.  There are many reasons why you should consider camping for your next family vacation and some are outlined below.

  • Camping is extremely adaptable to your lifestyle and it is something that is enjoyed by people of all ages.  You can plan a camping trip to suit almost any circumstance; for example you can go camping for one night, a weekend, a week or more.  In addition to the length of your camping trip, you can a plan a trip based on your skill level or interest.  It can range anywhere from a leisurely trip at a campground using tents, motor homes or in some instances cabins to camping in the backcountry with no facilities. You can decide what would be best or easiest for you and your family.

  • It will create an a environment for quality family time and bonding with the kids.  With all of the demands of everyday life put on hold you will find that you will enjoy the solitude and quiet of the outdoors.  Life is simple and easy on a camping trip so you can focus on what you love most -- your family.  Enjoy a hike in the woods, play a board game, or just sit and have a great conversation without interruptions. 

  • Although camping is considered a fun activity on its own there is opportunity on this type of trip to enjoy some things that you rarely get to do at home.  In the United States, a large number of campgrounds have a variety of onsite activities such as pools, lakes, and trails.  This means that you can go fishing, swimming, canoeing, or biking. You can explore the wilderness and see the scenery.  Your family can learn some new skills like campfire cooking, stargazing or rafting. 

  • Consider the advantages of camping for your children.  It will make them aware of their surroundings and teach them survival skills.  It will enable them to relate to the environment.  It will create memories that will last a life time. It will build confidence and self-esteem. It will allow them to get some fresh air and good exercise.  But most of all it will be FUN.

  • Fresh air and exercise is always what the doctor prescribes and this is what you get with camping.  You don't realize how the everyday tasks that do while camping, like hiking, collecting wood and paddling a canoe, work out your body.

  • Lastly, the cost of camping is another reason why it makes for a terrific family vacation.  Many times families are restricted to where they can go because of the high costs of hotel and air fare.  Well if you drive to your destination and then camp you just saved yourself a great deal of money.  Camping is a great way to see the country. You will be charged a fee at the campground but you will find that it is very affordable.  In addition, supplies can be purchased in advance and brought with you.  Equipment can be borrowed or purchased on sale or discounted. 

So how do you save money, enjoy quality time with your family and have a blast? It's simple plan a camping trip for your next vacation!