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Helpful Tips and Ideas for a Kid's Winter Birthday Parties



Many parents find it difficult to organize a winter birthday party.  Just because it is cold outside does not mean you can't have fun.  Take the winter wonderland idea and use it to your advantage.  You can create a memorable event for your children with a little imagination.

First thing you need to decide is whether you want to have a party at home or something out of the house.  Below you will find some great ideas for whatever you decide.

Snow Tubing Party

What better way to spend a winter birthday than snow tubing with your friends. Since this will be a pricey party you should probably set a limit to the number of guests.  If your child is young you may need to include parents as well.

Plan the party in advance so that you give your guests plenty of notice.  Shop around via the internet to get the best deal.  Specifically, check with the parks for rates on pre-season and group passes.  You also want to find out if they have hourly, or half day passes.  The amount of time that you stay depends on the age of the party goers and your budget. Get to the park when it opens so that you can beat some of the crowds.

Send out your invitations at least 3 weeks in advance to give your guests plenty of notice.  Be creative with your invitations to get your guests excited about the event.

Depending on how far you are from the snow park you may need to organize car pooling or renting a vehicle large enough to take everyone.

Food can be purchased at the lodge but it is more economical for you to bring your own.  Be sure to stake out a table in advance and have someone stay to guard it. Italian and turkey hoagies with a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches should satisfy all.  A themed birthday cake for dessert.  You may want to consider hot chocolate and pretzels for your ride home if you are there for a while.

I am sure that you will find this to be a wonderful experience for your child and their friends.

For more information see All Star Activities section on snow tubing


Snowman Party

This is a themed at-home party unless of course you would like to rent a hall or recreation center.

Decorations need to include lots of snowmen all different sizes.  Pull out whatever you have from your holiday decorations and the kids stuffed animals.  Have the kids make a few life size snowmen to put on the walls. Make snowflakes and hang them from doorways, and ceilings.  String white and light blue lights in the room.  In one corner place a top hat, carrot, scarf, corncob pipe, and buttons on the floor to represent a melted snowman.  Place bunches of white balloons strategically in the  room. Have Frosty the Snowman playing in the background as guests arrive.  Be sure to add a few sleds around the room.

Use white napkins, and clear plates/cups. Cut out paper snowflakes for placemats for each guests and place a top hat upside down and fill with white flowers or "Styrofoam snowballs" as a centerpiece.  A second option for your table decoration is to use a white tablecloth and a scarf as a table runner, place a black top hat , some large buttons and a carrot in the middle of the table- so that it looks like a melted snowman.

Invitations can be very straightforward.  Use card stock and cut out a snowman so the invitation opens at the bottom.  Decorate with a felt hat, tiny pompoms for buttons and a hand drawn face. 

Print the following on the inside of the invitation: Frosty the Snowman will come to visit us this day with his corncob pipe, button nose and lots of games to play! Date, Time. Hosted by (name) at (address)  Come to our Snowman party!

Fun Activities:

Candy Ring

Drop a plastic table cloth on the floor (preferably white).  Cover it with candy and trinkets such as toys, erasers, pencils etc all to fit your snowman theme.   Have the children stand a distance from the table cloth and toss one or two rings.  Whatever their ring encompasses they get to keep.  Be sure to have goodie bags available.  This game has always been a great hit with the kids.

Snowman Pudding

one 1-ounce box of sugar free instant
vanilla pudding for every five children
1/2 cup of milk per child
1 small, resealable plastic bag per child
1/2 cup measuring cup
1 spoon per child.
Put tablespoon of pudding mix in sandwich bag and milk, then close the baggy and have kids shake and squeeze, then eat.

Snowball Race

Items Needed:

  • Styrofoam balls
  • Plastic spoons
  • Set of mittens

How to play:

Play this game as you would any relay race. Divide into teams. Each player takes turns putting on mittens and balancing a "snowball" on a spoon while racing to the other side of the room. Drop the snowball into a bucket, return to the team, pass the mittens and go to the back of the line. First team to complete the race wins!

Snowman Relay

Put together 2 boxes of items that a snowman would wear.  Be sure to include scarves, hats, gloves or mittens, boots, buttons with double sided table on the back and brooms. In addition, create a carrot nose using orange felt and elastic so that the kids can put it around their heads over their own noses.

Divide the guests into two groups with each forming a line.  Have each girl run to the box put on all the snowman clothes, hold the broom, and then perform a snowman dance then take everything off and run back to tag the next person.

Stuff the Snowman

This is a great game that I played with my daughter's 4th grade class and they loved it.
What you need:

  • Balloons  (The exact number depends on the number of groups you will be having)
  • Extra large white sweat suit  or a large white tee shirt.

How to play:

  • Inflate balloons in advance. 
  • Divide kids into teams of equal number of players.  Have one of the group put on the suit or tee shirt over their clothes.
  • Teammates are given the task of stuffing the suit with balloons. Set a timer for two minutes and see how many balloons the team can stuff into the outfit before the time is up.
  • The next team of Snowman stuffers must try to top the previous record.

Snowman Freeze Dance

This is the traditional freeze dance that all kids love with a twist.  Give each child a string of bells then put on some kid friendly music.   The kids can dance and make music with their bells while the music is playing.  Once the music stops the children must freeze and yell "Frosty the Snowman."

Build a Snowman

Make edible clay by mixing powdered sugar into marshmallow creme until it is the consistency of Playdoh.  Create a ball of clay for each guest. Include small bowls of pretzel sticks (arms), raisins (eyes), red string licorice (mouth), M&Ms (buttons), a long orange sprinkle (nose), large gum drops (hat) and a slice of fruit rollup (scarf). Have the kids make three balls from their clay and secure the balls with a piece of uncooked spaghetti. Then its time to use their creativity and decorate their snowman.

Fun Snow Games

Fill a spray bottle with colored water and write or draw in the snow

Play snow golf --  carve out holes in the snow -- and start the game.

Food Ideas

  • Create snowballs freeze round scoops of vanilla icing for at least 2 hours, then rolling them in coconut, white chocolate shavings or white sprinkles. Note: most kids do not like coconut.
  • Use snowman or snowflake cookie cutters to create fun P B &J, chicken salad, and turkey sandwiches on white bread.
  • Carrot noses and ranch dressing for snowman dip .
  • Chocolate Covered Snowman Pretzels

    Ingredients Needed:

    Bag of Pretzel Rods
    1 cup white chocolate chips
    Mini chocolate chips or white melting chocolate
    Orange decorators' gel
    Fruit roll ups (various colors)
    Gummy rings
    Wax Paper

    Melt 1 cup of white chocolate chips in the top of a double boiler or microwave.

    One at a time, dip one end of an 8-inch pretzel rod in the melted chocolate and use a plastic spoon or knife to spread the chocolate two thirds of the way down the rod.

    Set the pretzels on a sheet of waxed paper and press on mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons. Use orange decorators' gel to add a carrot nose.

    When the chocolate has hardened, stand the pretzels in a mug or glass and tie on strips of fruit roll up for scarves. For each hat, stretch a gummy ring over the narrow end of a gumdrop and secure it on the pretzel rod with a dab of melted chocolate.

Ice Skating Party

Ice Skating is something that everyone loves to do so why not make it a birthday party for your child.  If your child is young you may need to include parents as well.

Send out your invitations at least 3 weeks in advance to give your guests plenty of notice.  Be creative with your invitations to get your guests excited about the event.

Plan the party in advance to secure your date and check local rinks for group rates  vs. their birthday party package.  You will also want to find out if rentals are included or if they offer discounts for a group. Get to the rink early to get everyone fitted for skates.

If you opt for the group rates and not the party package consider having pizza and cake at your house before going to the rink.  A themed birthday cake would be great. 

Why not have the kids make a craft that they can wear at the rink.

Fleece Scarves

Compliments of Family Fun

 Craft Materials

7 by 60 inch rectangle of colored fleece
Scraps of fleece in contrasting colors for decorations
Scissors and pinking shears
Embroidery floss in assorted colors

1. Have each person choose a motif -- perhaps one shown here -- or a brand-new design you've thought up together.

 2. Cut out the shapes you'll need to create it from the scraps of fleece. For example, a night scene might consist of several stars and a crescent moon. Or you can use 2 circles for a snowman's body and head and then add a hat and other distinguishing details.

3. Experiment with where to place your cutouts on the scarf (we decorated a 12-inch portion just above a lower edge). Use the needle and floss to attach the pieces with single stitches knotted by hand. One stitch should be enough to hold smaller pieces (such as a flower or snowflake).

4. Larger pieces (such as the crescent moon) may take 2 or more. Trim the ends above each knot to the length you desire.

5. Fringed Finale: For fringe, make a series of 4-inch snips in the scarf bottom. Then tie an overhand knot at the top of each strip.

Lucky enough to have a frozen pond on your property then here are a few great game ideas.  These games can be played with or without ice skates.

Ice Bowling:  In advance, fill 10 plastic quart bottles with water, add food coloring, shake them to mix and freeze.  Use a variety of colors to make it interesting.  These are your ice bowling pins. For a bowling ball you have the option of using a real bowling ball or you can fill a few gallon jugs with water, food coloring and  then freeze.  Create a lane on the ice using small rocks and set up the pins.  Each bowler must back up approximately 10 feet from the pins and then try his/her luck.

Snow Dog Races:  In advance add a rope to your sleds. Create teams of two players for each sled.  One player gets into the sled and the other is the snow dog who will pull the sled.  The object is to be the around the ice rink or from point A to point B the fastest.

Hockey Player in the Middle:  Have the kids all bring their hockey sticks with them.  Place them in a circle and ask for a volunteer (s) to go into the middle.  This is a take off of Monkey in the Middle.  The object is for those in the circle to pass the hockey puck without the player in the middle intercepting it.  Be sure to set rules so the kids do not get carried away with their passes.  For instance all sticks must be kept close to the ice and the puck must stay on the ground at all times.

Skating Obstacle Course:  Create a fun obstacle course on the ice using whatever you have on hand m (hockey sticks, boots, cardboard boxes, limbo stick etc...) to keep the skaters moving, twisting, jumping and bending.  Set up things to step over, skater under, and pass through. 


Igloo Spa Sleepover Party

Create a snow globe invitation:

Items needed:

Baby food jars
Plastic winter figures that can be found in craft or hobby stores
White rocks, or decorative glass pieces
Blue food coloring
White metallic confetti
Glue gun
Use card stock to make small snowflake invitations with party details

What to do:

  • Wash and dry baby food jar.  Create a nice scene by gluing plastic winter figures and rocks/glass pieces to jar lid using glue gun.

  • Fill jar with cold water to within a 1/3 inch of the top.  Add a drop of blue food coloring and 2 tablespoons of confetti.

  • Put a ring of hot glue around the inside rim of the lid and immediately seal the jar with the lid.

  • Punch a hole in the snowflake card and secure the ribbon.  Tie the ribbon around the jar. 

  • Deliver to your guests.

Decorate with winter in mind. Use lots of white balloons, white Christmas lights, and snowmen decorations. You can hang blue, white or silver streamers, and use canned snow to decorate the windows. Cover tables with white or silver tablecloths and use stuffed animals like penguins and polar bears as table decorations. Set out ice skates, and sleds around the room.

Once all the guest have arrived you can send them to the Spa and explain that at each station they will get a special treatment . Nails, massage, hair, and a photo shoot are some suggestions for stations.

Consider having teenage siblings/neighbors/friends available to give you a helping hand.  The girls will love the attention of the older kids and it will be a big help for you.

Have some activities for the girls who aren't at a station.

  • Karaoke is always fun -- the kids love to sing.

  • Twister is a fun game for kids of all ages

  • Have them decorate gloves with fabric paint and ribbons

  • Have them make their own snack like chocolate covered pretzels to save for later

Nail Station: They have the option of a manicure or pedicure.

Items needed:

Bucket/dish to soak hands/ feet
Cool color nail polish ( You may want to stick to the theme and use white, silver, and blue)
Nail jewels/decals
Nail polish remover
Cotton balls
Nail tools
Callus Scrubber
Toe separators
A battery operated nail dryer would be helpful

Massage Station:

Make this a cozy space with dim lights and comfy pillows.  Give each girl a back/neck massage using either your hands or an electric massager.

Hair Station:

Be sure to have someone at this station that is good with hair.  You may want to contact your local beauty school to see if there are any students that you can hire to handle this station. Have lots of hair glitter, barrettes, head bands and ribbons available.  Limit the hairstyles to 2 or 3 selections.

Photo Shoot:

Have a cool backdrop and get them to give you their best glamorous pose.  Get the pictures printed and put them in a frame to give to them to take home.

Once Spa treatments are finished it is time for dinner.  Set the table with china and cloth napkins.  Serve fruit kebobs, salad, grilled chicken and french fries. Virgin drinks like Pina Coladas in wine glasses or an arctic punch is great for a beverage.  Artic Punch: freeze blue Kool-Aid in ice cube trays; pour ginger ale into a punch bowl and float the blue “ice caps” on top.  Dessert should include a themed cake and snowballs.  Ice cream made into balls and rolled in coconut, white jimmies or white chocolate.

As the night goes on have some movies available to help settle the kids down.    Click here for our movie section and get some great suggestions.

Make breakfast easy and kid friendly.  Muffins, individual cereal boxes, bagels, yogurt, microwaveable pancakes, apple/orange juice,  and milk.

Sledding Party

Do you live in an area that gets a lot of snow?  Why not take advantage of it and have a sledding party.

Create a cool invitation and send it out about 3 weeks early to give plenty of advance notice to your guests. Be sure to add to the invitation that each child should bring their own sled. Have a few extra sleds available in case someone forgets to bring one. 

Since the majority of the party will be outdoors don't worry about decorating the house.  You may want to start indoors and have the kids create fleece scarves (see directions under ice skating party) so they have something to wear while sledding.

Build a bonfire and use it to keep warm and to roast hotdogs.  Keept the food table close to the fire so that all will stay warm.  Have the kids make smores and serve hot chocolate.

Great Games to Play in the Snow

  • Have a contest to see who can make the largest snowball in a set time period

  • Fill a spray bottle with colored water and write or draw in the snow

  • Play snow golf --  carve out holes in the snow -- and start the game.

  • Build an igloo

  • Create a snowman

For more information check out All Star Activities sleepover ideas , tips for great kids parities and winter fun section.