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Hobbies for Kids - Photography


Photography is a great hobby for kids and it can turn into a lifelong passion. It is one of those rare hobbies that anyone at any age can undertake.  Kids love to feel like adults and having a camera of his or her own is one of those early responsibilities that can create good future habits.  Kids can use photography in a variety of ways:  strictly for fun,  to maintain memories of events in their lives, or as an art form.   Encourage your child to explore the world through the lens of the camera. 

Like most hobbies, taking up photography can actually benefit children in many ways.

  • It teaches them to be sensitive to their surroundings

  • It encourages creativity

  • It teaches responsibility

  • It teaches them to be observant

  • It leads to lifelong interests

  • It builds confidences

  • It helps develop attentiveness to details

The digital camera has made photography much more user-friendly. It allows kids to experiment with all types of pictures without having to spend money for processing the film. Since you can see the results immediately your child is apt to take more pictures and it will keep their interest longer.  You are able to delete bad pictures and keep the good ones.  Digital cameras are great for emailing pictures to friends and family as well as putting up some shots on a website or face book.  If you decide to purchase a camera be sure it is small and easy to carry.  

Things to consider if you plan to purchase a camera:

  • It is important that the camera have expandable memory.  If it does not have expandable memory it will limit the number of pictures that you can take. 

  • Make sure the camera has a flash.  It is necessary to take good indoor pictures.

  • Look for a USB connection instead of a serial connection.  This will increase the speed when downloading pictures to your computer.

  • Be sure to check the amount of megapixels.  The more pixels the better the clarity of the picture.  If the kids digital camera has less than one megapixel expect to see some blurriness in the images.

  • Check to see if the camera has a zoom lens.

When selecting a digital camera for a child consider a beginner digital camera instead of a kid's digital camera. They can look pretty cool so kids will like them, and the quality of the picture will be better.  The price range is approximately $30 to $100.  Disposable cameras are also a great way to introduce your kids to photography. They are available in most stores and are reasonably priced.

Start by teaching your child the correct way to hold the camera. This is not just important to enable your child to take good pictures, but also for the safety of the camera.  Explain the important features of the camera such as how to turn it on, how to take the picture and how to use the zoom lens.

Make photography sessions fun and plan regular outings where your child can have the opportunity to shoot new subjects. You can have parent/child photography sessions where you select a theme, each take pictures and then later compare your results.

It is important to showcase your kids photography and let them know that you are proud of their efforts..  You can have them add their photos to an album, create a scrapbook or put them in inexpensive self-decorated frames. 

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