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Suggested Reading List for the Child Who Loves Ice Skating.

This list contains ice skating books for a variety of ages.  If your child is a skater they should be able to find something on this list that they love.

The Silver Blades book series by Melissa Lowell are fun books to read. They will give young ice skaters a glimpse into the world of figure skating and teach the reader about the commitment and dedication involved in being a serious ice skater.  Ages 9 - 12 
For Example:
Chance of a Lifetime by Melissa Lowell
This book is part of a series about two girls, Tori and Jill, trying to rise to the top of the world of figure skating. In Chance of a Lifetime, both girls are competing in the Olympics. Tori has a serious muscle disease and is skating against all odds. Jill, finds out how differently alternates are treated at the Olympics than skaters competing.

Topaz on Ice by Helen Bailey
Convinced that fame is just around the corner, Topaz L’Amour  is auditioning for the Ice Spectacular  even though she can not skate.  When she looses the part to Octavia Quaver she begins to wonder if she will ever become a star.  Ages 9 - 12

Double Twist by Donna King
Twelve-year-old Laura Lee and her ice-dancing partner, Patrick, have been training together since they were eight.   They have worked tirelessly with the goal of winning a medal at the Montreal Junior Grand Prix. Then the unimaginable happens, a training accident leaves Patrick unable to skate.  Laura's hopes for gold are ruined unless she can find a new partner.  Ages 11 -13.

MIA by Laurence Yep
Mia St. Clair is a 10 year old girl and has spent her life as a hockey player with her brothers. Although a star hockey player Mia wants more. So she decides to follow her dreams and pursue figure skating.  Ages 8-9.

Bravo MIA! by Laurence Yep
Mia has been training all year  for Regional Figure Skating Competition.  As the competition approaches Mia is eager yet worried all at the same time.  Ages 8-9.

Callie Cat, Ice Skater by Eileen Spinelli
Callie Cat, Ice Skater is a children's picturebook about how winning is not always the most important thing. Sometimes we need to do something for the sheer joy of doing it!  Ages 6-9

Angelina Ice Skates (Angelina Ballerina) by Katharine Holabird
Angelina and her friends are having trouble with some of the boys at the rink. Her mother gives her some advice and all works out in the end.
 Ages 4-8

Eloise Skates! by Kay Thompson 
Nanny makes plans to take Eloise and Weenie down 5th Avenue to go ice skating.  Ages 4-6

Bella Gets Her Skates on by Ian Whybrow
Bella is a little rabbit who always hesitates to do new things because she's not very confident.  When her father decides to take her and her brother ice skating, Bella, learns that sometimes she just needs to trust her talent.   Ages 3-6

Hans Brinker by Bruce Coville
The story of Hans Brinker is a true classic which was written in the 1860s. Now Bruce Coville and Laurel Long are reintroducing the charming tale in this glorious picture book version.  This is a tale of a family sticking together through hardship, and of wishes granted just in the nick of time.