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Sports for the child that does not like teams
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Sports for the child that does not like teams Sports and keeping Healthy
How to locate sports programs Selecting Cleats Preparing your child for not making a team
Benefits of Summer Camps Creating a sports bulletin board Best sports to keep your child fit for life
Offside rule for soccer MOMS Spalding's Rookie Gear - Innovative Equipment for 8 and under Ideas for Coach Presents
What parents need to understand about kids and sporting events Creative Ideas for Building Team Camaraderie



Why have your child participate in sports?

Participation in sports gives a child a higher level of self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.   It teaches your child goal-setting, and the pursuit of excellence.  When we think of sports we often think of football, soccer or basketball, all of which are team sports.  However, team sports are not for all children.  Some kids may tell you that they do not like to participate on a team.  You must first evaluate the situation to try and find out why you child feels this way. 

Is your child stressed?

They could be feeling stress because they are trying and failing at performing the sport.  This can easily be remedied by extra practice at home, sports camps or private lessons. 

The league that you are participating in might just be too competitive for your child.  Look for a new league who's philosophy coincides with your needs.

Are they intimidated by the coach?

Children can be offended by being corrected by the coach.  Again, talk to your child and let them know that the coach does not mean to single them out and if they listen they will see that the coach is talking to everyone the same way.

Is the sport right for your child?

They may not have found the right sport.  Maybe you need to expose them to more activities and they will find that there is something they enjoy.  It may not necessary be your choice for them but you must remember they need to be happy and have fun!

If you are encountering this problem spend the time to give some honest thought to your child's strengths, abilities, and temperament and then find the activity that might be a good match.  Keep your expectations realistic, and let your child know that exercise is very important but fun is the goal. 

Team sports or individual.....

For some children an individual sport is more appealing because they want to succeed on their own.  There are plenty of activities other than the standard team sports that your child can participate in that will keep them fit and boost their ego. Some examples are:

  • horseback riding
  • biking
  • cheerleading
  • skateboarding
  • swimming
  • golf
  • tennis
  • martial arts
  • hiking
  • dance classes
  • gymnastics
  • ice skating
  • skiing

Keep in mind the goal is to prevent your child from feeling frustrated and wanting to quit.  Your intention should be for them to love what they are doing and should be having fun.  Sports and physical activity will come naturally when they enjoy what they are doing