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Base One of four points a player must tag in order to score a run.


Batter Offensive player who takes a position in the batter's box


Batters Box Area where the batter must stand during time at bat.


Batting Order Order in which players will bat.


Bench/Dugout  Seating area reserved for team and coaches.


Catch A fielder getting possession of the ball by hand or glove in a legal fashion.


Catcher Player who's position is behind home base.


Defense The team playing on the field


Dead Ball A ball that is out of play.


Double Play Two players are put out during the same continuous play.


Fly Ball A batted ball that goes high into the air.


Infielder A player who has a position in the infield, which is the area of the   field closest to home plate.


Inning Portion of a game where each team gets one turn to bat and try to score runs while the other pitches and defends in the field.


Line Drive A batted ball that goes direct from the bat to a fielder without   touching the ground.
Live Ball The ball that is in play.


Offense The team at bat


Outfielder Player in outfield, which is the area of the field furthest from home plate.


Pitch A ball thrown to the batter by the pitcher


Pitcher The player designated to deliver the pitch to the batter.


Run The score made by an offensive player who touches all four bases after batting.


Triple Play Play by defense in which three offensive players are put out as a  result of the same continuous play.