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Travel Basketball



League Breakdown

Travel Basketball provides an opportunity for children looking for a more competitive basketball league.  To earn a position on a travel team, a player must have strong basketball skills and demonstrate proficiency in the game. In addition, they must be dedicated to becoming a better player.  It normally starts in 5th grade or age nine and continues until 8th or 9th grade. Often, when your child reaches Middle School, it will conflict with school sports.

Teams and Divisions...

The teams are normally broken into two levels with the first team having the best skills.  Usually the teams are referred to as the "A" team and the "B" team.

All divisions are based on Birth Date and your child must meet the restrictions to play the division.  The breakdown of the divisions will often coincide with your child's school grade but birthdates takes precedence over grade level. 


Tryouts and registration for travel basketball will be in October.  Travel teams are selective and not all players who try-out will be chosen for a roster.  Normally, teams will have between 10-14 players.

Forms for registration can be obtained on the organization's web site or at your local sporting good store.  Many organizations give you the option to register on line.   In addition, many schools will distribute flyers for the organizations announcing the registration time frames.  A birth certificate is required at this time to prove the age of your child. 


Participation in a travel program requires significant commitment for both you and your child. The season will run from late October or early November to March.

Practices are mandatory and are usually twice per week. Practice will last between 1 and 2 hours.  Your coach will normally talk to everyone on the team and determine a night that is convenient for everyone. Practices are where the player improve their skills.   Your goal should be to have your child attend all practices and every game.  Individual practice outside of the team is strongly encouraged.  Also, clinics and camps are extremely beneficial for your child.

Games are usually held on the weekends, with each team competing on the average of two times per week.  Typically, there are 12 league games per season beginning in November. However, coaches often schedule non-league games interspersed with league games.  Playoff games normally take place on weekends in late February to the middle of March  Most travel teams can also have between 3 and 6 tournaments per season.  Many organizations will start and end the season with a tournament. Most of the games are within a one hour travel radius but tournaments can be slightly further. On an average a team will have about 20 to 35 practices and anywhere from 20 to 40 games.


Most tournaments are three day events (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday).  Sunday morning games are often a fact of life with travel basketball. 

Most organizations host their own tournaments as a fundraising event.  Parent volunteers are needed to make these events successful. 





Registration fee for travel soccer is normally between $130.00 and $200.00 dollars. This cost will cover such things as league fees, insurance, gym rentals and equipment.  In addition, you can expect to spend another $500.00 - $700.00.  These supplemental costs are normally related to uniforms, duffel bags, tournament entry fees, referee costs, coach mileage/expenses, personal hotel and food costs.


Basketball sneakers are required.  A water bottle is needed.  These items can be purchased at any sporting goods store.  The uniform consists of 2 game jerseys, socks and shorts.  A duffel bag and sweat suit are often optional but recommended equipment.


Did You Know

All teams will have a coach and an assistant coach.

Try-Out Evaluations: Many leagues base try-out evaluation on three main attributes: athletic ability, skill level and attitude.  Basketball is very physically demanding and fast-paced therefore it is necessary for the player to be in good physical condition and to have the potential to be an above average athlete. Players must be able to understand and be familiar with the rules and strategies of playing both offensively and defensively on a team. Lastly, the overall personality of the player must fit with the team dynamics.