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Basketball Terminology



Court Playing area for Basketball.


Shot Attempt to score by throwing the ball through the opponents' basket. Two points are scored for a successful shot.


Substitution One player on the court is replaced with someone on the bench.


Time-Out  Stopping the clock requested by a coach of either team, so that he can discuss tactics.


Passing Throwing the ball from player to player.


Dribbling Single player runs while continuously bouncing the ball.


Traveling An illegal move where the player is running with the ball without bouncing it.


Air Ball A shot that completely misses the rim or backboard


Assist Any pass that leads directly to a basket by a teammate.


Backboard The flat surface directly behind the basket.  The basket is connected to the backboard.


Ball Handling Refers to dribbling, passing, or receiving the ball.


Basket Consists of the rim and the net.


Foul An infraction of the rules involving contact with another player.  May result in awarding a free throw or possession of the ball.


Foul Shot An unobstructed shot from behind the foul shot line.  One point value if scored.


Offense Refers to the team with the ball that is trying to score.


Defense The team without possession of the ball or the act of preventing the other team from scoring.


Rebound The term referring to retrieving the ball as it rebounds from the backboard or the ring after a player missed a shot.


Referee Person upholding the rules of the game.


Steal To take the ball away from an opponent.