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Football, as it is known in the United States, is a very competitive team sport and a great game of strategy that will teach your child teamwork.  The most common type of football is tackle.   Flag football is a version of tackle.  Football is a simple game of "field" control.  The goal is to advance the ball down the field for a touchdown.  The offense advances the ball and attempts to score and the defense tries to hold the other team from scoring.


Tackle Football...

Tackle football is a very physically demanding sport with a great deal of physical contact.  It is fast-paced and requires a great deal of skill and understanding.  The coach is the command center during the game.  The players must be able to react to the plays called and orchestrate them to completion.  To participate in this sport it requires a great deal of dedication for both the child and the parent.  Practices are mandatory for each player in order to learn the plays.  Every position is a very important piece of the puzzle, every player on the team must do their job and together as a united group they will then accomplish their goal -- TO WIN.

Flag Football...

In flag football the rules are similar to tackle but it is much less physical.  The main difference is that the team on the defensive must grab a flag from the player who has the ball in lieu of tackling him to the ground.  The removal of the flag will stop the play.  The flag is carried on a waist belt.  The flag itself can be anything from large ribbons to small banners.  Flag football was originally designed to attempt to avoid player injuries.