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What will my child learn at golf lessons?

During first lessons, your junior golfer will learn the basics of golfing like how to have a good grip, the importance of good alignment and posture, and most importantly the rules and etiquette of golf. 

Lessons should be taken seriously; your young golfer should always arrive at the course at least 20 minutes early.  Spend time doing some simple stretches to warm up his/her muscles. Practice hitting some balls at the driving range.  During the lesson you child must be attentive to his/her instructor and stay focused on the game.  In addition, rules and etiquette should be reviewed often.  Most importantly your child should enjoy the lessons, love the instructor and have fun playing the game.


Golf is a difficult sport to master and the later you begin the harder it is so children are never too young to start.  It is suggested that children have the best golf “learning ability” at 6 years old.

Where Do You Get Golf Lessons?

One of the first things you may want to do is enroll them into a golf class. Many of your local private and public golf courses offer instruction just for children.  In addition, many organizations
or municipalities provide free or low cost clinics for youngsters eager to learn the game. For example, some colleges and public school districts offer less expensive instruction through continuing education courses. Also, many YMCAs offer PGA-sponsored instruction at very reasonable prices.

Also, many driving ranges will have a professional on staff
that will do lessons for children.  For older children golf is a recognized sport in schools and almost all high schools have golf teams.

It may be tempting to try to teach your child yourself, but remember, in golf it is much easier to learn the right way the first time than unlearn or correct flaws.  So with your child it is worth doing it right the first time so have them learn from an experienced professional.

How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost?

The price of Golf lessons vary depending on location and experience of instructor. There are a variety of lessons that are available for players of all skill levels.  You can get either individual or group lessons for your child, coaching lessons or playing lessons.  Private lessons are available by appointment for players of any age and any skill level.  Most lessons are for a ˝ hour, 45 minutes or one hour.  The price varies based on the number of players in the group. Some locations will give discounted prices for lessons off season. There is usually no cost break for children’s lessons. Rates can be reduced, by as much as 15% depending on the organization, if you bundle the lessons.  Most organizations offer bundled lessons in groups of six.  See chart below for approximate costs.


Individual $50 - $70- per ˝ hour to 45 minutes
$75 - $100 per hour
Twosome $45 - $65 per player per hour
Threesome $35 - $55 per player per hour
Foursome $30 - $50 per player per hour

Coaching classes, are regularly scheduled, weekly, group sessions that are paid for monthly.  You may attend as many or as few of the classes as you wish each month. Each student receives some individual instruction and supervision during each session, though the amount of personal attention is very brief compared to private lessons.  These lessons will cost approximately $80 -$100 per month.  This type of class is not recommended for an absolute beginner.

On-course instruction is also available for 9 hole and 18 hole sessions.  This will cost approximately $180 for 9 holes and $300 for 18 holes for one player.  Normally, these lessons can be done for up to three players.