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Scoring Terminology in Golf

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Golfers Scoring Terminology

Golfers use a special vocabulary to keep score during each hole that they play.  The terms you will hear during any given golf match will include:

"Five under"/"falcon"/"quadruple eagle" - five strokes under par.

"Four under"/"condor"/"triple eagle" - four strokes under par.

"Three under"/"albatross"/"double eagle" - three strokes under par.

"Eagle" - two strokes under par.

"Birdie" - one stroke under par.

"Bogey" - one stroke over par.

"Double bogey" - two strokes over par.

"Three over"/"Triple bogey" - three strokes over par.

"Four over"/"Quadruple bogey" - four strokes over par.

"Five over"/"Quintuple bogey" - five strokes over par.

Golf  - How Do I Keep Score?


Scoring in golf is different than most other sports because it is the person with the lowest score that wins.

Keeping track of your score is really very simple.  When you play a round of golf you need to record how many shots or strokes you hit.  Each time you swing at the ball that is a stroke.  Even if you miss the ball, when you were trying to hit it, (an air shot) you still have to add another shot to your score. Each stroke counts as a point.   When playing stroke play, count the number of strokes you've taken on the hole just completed, and write that number down in the box corresponding to that hole on the scorecard. At the end of the first nine holes, add up the strokes for your front nine and then do the same for the back nine totals. You then need to add the two totals together for your score for the round of golf.

Sometimes, if you're playing strictly by the rules, you will have to add penalty strokes to the strokes you actually took on a hole. Make sure that you know the rules of golf so that you keep the penalty strokes to a minimum.