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A Guide for Selecting Golf Shoes for Kids

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are designed to enhance your performance in the game.  Without good footing throughout your swing, you will struggle with your game.  In addition, there can be a lot of walking when you play a round of golf so it is very important to have comfortable shoes.  

Golf shoes are available for men, women and juniors. In addition,  here are also brands specifically for women, like Golfstream, Sandbaggers, and Lady Fairway.

Today, there are many different styles of golf shoes to choose. They range from classic to stylish and even include sneakers, sandals and boots. The soles of golf shoes have changed as well. Traditionally, there were metal spike golf shoes, but today there are a variety of choices.   In addition, golf shoes are now designed for all types of weather some are water resistant while others are waterproof and some are better for warm or cold climates.


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Type of Upper on Golf Shoe

Golf shoes vary by the spike makeup and the type of upper.  Some uppers are genuine leather, some are synthetic leather, canvas and some are PVC, suede, or plastic.

Genuine leather is still the number one choice as it is waterproof, breathable, and comfortable and a durable material. Leather shoes are usually  more expensive.

Canvas golf shoes are great for hot climates because the material is very breathable. 

Synthetic leather shoes are not as breathable or durable as their leather counterpart but they are cheaper.  In addition, they are not as comfortable as leather shoes. 

There are shoes that are made thicker and highly waterproofed that would be suitable for cold, soggy conditions. 

You even have the option of purchasing customized golf shoes.



Spike Makeup

The spikes on the bottom of the shoe are made to provide extra traction.   Spiked golf shoes usually have 11 or 12 removable spikes on the outsole. Seven or eight of the spikes are in the forefoot, with the remaining four in the heel.

Soft spikes

Soft are lightweight and comfortable especially on hard surfaces.  This type of shoe uses replaceable plastic spikes that do not damage the greens.  However, they donít provide as much traction as standard metal spikes, and they donít typically last as long, either. The design of soft spikes is advancing to the point that they now offer as much, or more traction than metal spike golf shoes.

Spikeless Shoes

Spikeless golf shoes have a molded sole with ridges that give the grip instead of spikes. They are popular in the sneakers style of golf shoe.

Metal Spikes

Metal spikes have a steel post, flange, and thread. Theyíre very durable, and if you take good care of them, they may last the life of a shoe. Metal spike golf shoes are becoming less popular although many pros still use them. Many golf clubs have banned their use though because of the way they tear up the greens and fairways. Metal spike golf shoes are uncomfortable when walking on hard surfaces.

Golf Apparel

For information on kids apparel click here: Golf Apparel

Where to Purchase Golf Shoes for Kids

Because golf is so popular, these days many people purchase the name brands of child golf shoes like Adidas, Footjoy and Nike.  These shoes can be purchased at the golf club's Pro Shop, local golf specialty shop or from an online golf equipment and accessories supplier.  If you opt to go with the internet first take your child to the store to have them try on the shoes.  Determine manufacture, style and size that you need and then search the internet for the best deal.  Prices will range from $30 - $50.