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 Martial Arts

Tips And Questions To Ask When Selecting a Martial Arts Studio

When choosing a martial arts school that's right for your child you must do your homework. You must first understand the basic concepts of each martial arts style to decide which would be most beneficial for your child based on their strengths, skills and goals.  The six martial arts styles generally considered best for children are Tae kwon do, Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Kung Fu, Karate.  For more information on these styles see our section on  Martial Arts Styles Best for Kids. 

Once you have selected a style, the next thing to do is to find the studio that meets your needs.   For more information on finding the studios in your area see our section on Where Do I Begin.   You should visit schools until you find the one that offers the right program at the right price. 

Asking the proper questions will give you the ability to evaluate the martial arts studio that your child is interested in joining.  It is important that you ask each studio the same questions so that you can do an accurate comparison of each program.  Some areas of concern should be the structure of the studio, safety issues, quality of instructors, developmental factors and cost. 


 Key questions that a parent should ask are as follows:

  • Who is the contact person for the studio if you have a problem or question?

  • How long have you been training and when did you start teaching?

  • Ask which martial arts association each instructor belongs to and where it is headquartered, then call the organization and verify the instructor's rank and background.

  • How long has the studio been in business?

  • How would you describe your teaching style?

  • What do you value most about your personal training?

  • Why do you teach Martial Arts?

  • What level of training/accomplishments do the instructors have?

  • Does your school compete in many tournaments?

  • What value do you see in tournament competition?

  • How successful have they been at competitions

  • What kind of techniques are most central to your style and why?

  • How many participants does the studio have?

  • How large are the classes?

  • How does your children's class differ from your adult class?

  • How much is a trial program?

  • What are your training fees and methods of payment?

  • What other fees can I expect to incur?

  • How long does it take an average student to get a black belt?

  • How do you register?

  • What is the time commitment?

  • How does the school address self-control, conflict resolution and issues of respect with children?

It is not necessary to ask all of these questions, it is simply a guideline to help you. You may have others that you feel need to be addressed.  What is important is that you watch the classes and notice how the instructors interact with the children.  You should be looking for instructors that have plenty of patience with the children.  Notice if they have control over the group and are the students paying attention when the teacher speaks.  Talk to the parents around you and see how they like the studio and the instructors. 

What's important is that you feel extremely comfortable with the studio that you select.  Always remember that it should be a positive, fun experience for your child!