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As our children reach the age that they begin to participate in athletic activities most are drawn to the sports with the "wow" factor like football, baseball and soccer.  These sports are great because children are naturally active and the have the ability to run, jump, swim, bike and still have excess energy.  It is this high level of activity that helps them to maintain a healthy weight and to build strong bodies. 

We as parents must try and encourage our children to also participate in a sport that will help to keep them physically fit as an adult when metabolisms show down and the scale seems to creep upward.  These sports are termed "Life Sports", basically because they are activities that people are likely to continue throughout their lives as opposed to those enjoyed as children.  It is imperative that you encourage your children to also participate in a sport that they will continue to enjoy in adulthood.  Some examples of "life sports" are tennis, golf, skiing, swimming, martial arts and biking.

Playing golf is a great way to stay healthy, get exercise, socialize, and have fun all at the same time. The best part of golfing is that you get to enjoy the outdoors. Today, more children are learning to play golf than ever before. It is absolutely a sport that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts from children, around 6 years old, through retirement.


Tennis is a popular sport around the world.  It is a great aerobic activity that will help maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This sport improves agility and builds strength.  Tennis provides a great workout and opportunities to play this sport are readily available.  You can easily find tennis courts wherever you are.  In addition, it is a relatively inexpensive sport to participate in therefore it makes it very appealing.


Skiing is a very popular sport in countries that have a cold climate. It is a great activity that tones your entire body while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Skiing appeals to a lot of families because it's something they can do together.  Many skiers are the same people who love to run, bike, swim, surf and are generally active during the summer months. This sport gives them a way to stay active in the winter.  The best time to learn to ski is at a young age.  Starting your child young opens a world of fun and adventure that they will enjoy for the rest of their life.



Swimming is a terrific sport to help maintain good health.  Regular swimming will build your muscle strength, endurance, and cardio-vascular fitness.  It offers a whole body workout that is appropriate for people of all ages.  Water exercises are ideal for low impact workouts for those recovering from injury or for pregnant women.  If you are not a real swimmer and do not enjoy laps there are plenty of other good water exercises. Walking or running in the water, treading water, water aerobics or synchronized swimming to name a few.  So get your children into the pool and help to make swimming a passion that will help to keep them fit for life.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts training is more than just exercise, self-defense and fun.  Students are trained physically and can expect improvements in strength, coordination, stamina, balance and flexibility.  Martial Arts also trains the mind as well as the body, resulting in improved self-awareness, discipline, will power,  concentration, self-discipline, and overall self-confidence.  This is an activity suited for children and excellent to keep you in shape as an adult.


Biking is a great activity that is especially enjoyed by kids. It is a fantastic workout that allows you to derive pleasure, while improving your overall fitness.  Biking is a good cardiovascular exercise that could increase the health of your heart as well as allow you to enjoy a overall toned physique.  The opportunity to get outdoors and spend time with your family makes this sport a terrific way to stay healthy throughout life.


Fencing programs are designed to develop discipline, coordination, reflexes, balance,  strategic thinking, and sportsmanship.  Success in fencing is not based on size, strength and speed alone, victory often goes to the smartest and most determined fencer. It is a sport that is enjoyed by both recreational and competitive fencers of all ages.


Create an Interest at an Early Age...

It is important that you introduce your children to many different sports and activities, both team oriented and individual. Give honest thought to your child's strength, abilities and temperament and then locate the activity that might be a good match for them.  It is important that you keep your expectations realistic, and let your child know that exercise is very important but that fun is the goal.  Children are often eager to try a variety of sports and activities, especially when their parents get involved, too.  When they show an interest in a particular activity, be sure to encourage them.  Accompany them to their games and cheer them on at the sidelines and/or play/practice along with them. 

You should encourage your children to participate in athletic activities, but never forget that it must be fun and they must enjoy themselves.  By finding activities that they find pleasurable, you are setting them up for a healthy, active, lifestyle.