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Why do skis need to be maintained?

It is extremely important to keep your skis maintained.  Ski tuning is required in order to obtain the highest performance possible from them which ensures a safer journey for you.  In addition, well maintained skis will give you better control and gliding abilities as well as extend the life of your skis.  

What needs to be maintained?

The base, edges, and bindings all need regular tuning.  The base of your skis can dry out over time and they will become very slow and sticky on the mountain. Another thing that needs maintenance is your bindings.  It is important, that as the years go by, you make sure they are releasing properly to assure that they come off on a bad fall yet stay on properly when they need to.  In addition, your metal edges must be kept relatively sharp in order to successfully carve a ski turn.

What can I do to protect my skis on a daily basis?

There are many things that you can do on an everyday basis to care for your skis.  Here are some helpful hints for everyday storage and maintenance:

  • Always dry your skis after skiing so that the edges do not rust.

  • Store your skis in a dry, moderate temperatures -- avoid extremes.  If there is too much moisture in the air the edges may rust.

  • For summer storage, it is best to use a light coating of oil on the edges of skis to prevent rust.  In addition, turn down your release settings.   This will keep your release settings consistent for a longer period of time.

  • Dirt and salt can corrode your bindings, so be sure to keep them clean at all times to eliminate any type of malfunction.

  • Properly buckle up your boots after each use to help keep their shape.

  • Make sure your boots dry out after using them.

  • Keep soles of the boots clean and free of dirt so that they release more consistently from your bindings.

  • Always use a ski bag to protect your skis when traveling either by car or plane.  This will protect the skis and make them easier to carry.

How to tune skis?

The easiest option, especially for a beginner, is to take them to a reputable ski shop and have them tuned.  Depending on the state your skis this may mean that they need wax, edges sharpened and/or the base tuned. In addition, have the bindings checked to make sure they operate properly and are set on the correct setting for your weight and ability. 

If you opt to do the tuning yourself there are a variety of do-it-yourself manuals and videos to help.  The internet is a great source of information. You can find ski tuning tips on skiing message boards and websites.  Skiing magazines are also another great source of information.  You will always be able to find tips and articles on ski tuning.  Lastly, check with the manufacturer.  What better source on advice for tuning your skis then from those that produced them.