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Snow skiing is the most popular winter sport in the world.



Skiing is a sport that everyone from advanced skiers to small children can enjoy.  Skiing with your family is an adventure that will create memories that your children will cherish throughout their life.

There are two basic types of snow skiing:  downhill (or alpine) and cross-country skiing.  Each of these sports is fun and can be very challenging.

Downhill (Alpine, Snow) Skiing is a sport where you ski downhill on a mountain at a fast speed.

Cross country skiing is where you go up and down a variety of terrains.  Cross-country skiing may be more difficult for children as they may tire quickly with this type of intensive work-out.

What is the technical difference?

From a technical point of view, the difference between the two types of skiing is that in cross country skiing only the toe of your boot is attached to your ski. In downhill skiing, the entire boot is attached to the ski by your binding.

Do I need lessons?

Downhill skiing has more of a learning curve so it is a good idea to take lessons before you start.   However, with downhill skiing , the learning curve never ends.  Intermediate and advance skiers can continue lessons as their abilities change.  For example, someone, although they may be a good skier,  may want specialized lessons before he or she attempts speed skiing, jumps, or moguls.  Moguls are large bumps that have been created artificially to give skiers something fun to try to ski over.  Cross country skiing, because it uses your natural movement, doesn't take as much effort to begin.

Skiing is physical....

Any type of skiing is a physical sport. It is very important to get into shape prior to taking a ski trip.  If your child isn't very active, get him/her moving months prior to your trip. Hiking, soccer, football, basketball or running are great options to get them in shape for ski season.  Skating, ice hockey, surfing and skateboarding can help with balance and maneuverability.