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Guide  For Selecting Snowboard Boots for Kids

Selecting Snowboarding Boots…

The most important thing when selecting snowboard boots is the fit. Always buy boots before you look for compatible bindings!  The boot purchased once again depends on your boarding style:

All-Mountain boots are taller and moderately stiff for added support.
Freestyle boots are flexible to allow for maneuverability with tricks and jumps
Freecarve boots are built for stability and are stiff and supportive


Kid's boot

Boot Features…

  • Soft Boots:  These boots normally have a non-rigid outer shell and a treaded sole. They are flexible and good for a range of skill levels and boarding stylesThe more flexible a boot the easier it is to perform free-style maneuvers but ankle support and edge hold are compromised. The shells are made of rubber, leather and/or plastic and the bladders are similar to ski bladders except normally lace-up.

  • Hard Boots:  Hard boots are like ski boots; they have a hard outer shell and a rigid sole, but allow lateral ankle movement. They are used predominantly with race and alpine type boards and give supreme support and edge hold at the expense of flexibility.

  • Hybrid Boots:  These boots fall between the two extremes. They may have an all plastic shell where the plastic is thinner than on the hard boot and may be lace up vice buckles.


Women's boot

Getting the right fit when purchasing snowboarding boots…

Do your homework, spend some time reading magazines and researching on the internet so that you have a good idea of what you are looking to purchase.

If possible go to s snowboard specialty shop.  They will have a better selection and knowledgeable salespeople.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Bring the socks you'll be wearing on the slopes when you try on the boots.

Just like street shoes, snowboard boots come in different widths and fit certain foot shapes better than others.  You need to try on a variety of different style boots with different lacing systems to see which boots suits your foot best.  Just make sure they are compatible with  the binding system on your board.

Always try on both boots, laced up at the store.  Walk, jump, run, move in the boots.  Pay attention to how they feel.  Understand that the key elements of snowboard boots are comfort, mobility and support.  While standing, flex forward to determine if the boots' flex is appropriate. The boot with the proper flex for you will offer some resistance, but not so much that it prevents any movement.   Next, from a seated position, raise your foot off the ground and flex your ankle. If you are unable to do this, the boot is too stiff and will impede your progress so look for something softer in this case.  Does your foot pull up at the heel?  Do you feel any pressure points? 

Boots should feel snug, with your toes close to the end of the boot and your heel fixed in place when your knees are bent.

The boots must feel comfortable because if the boots aren't comfortable in the store, they won't be comfortable on the slopes.

There are specially made women's boots that account for women's slimmer legs and different foot sizes.

Removable boot liners are a must. Without them, you'll be putting on cold wet boots on your second day of riding. Some boots have a heat-moldable liner that offers a custom fit after heating with a hair dryer. 

Cost of Boards, Binding and Boots…

Kid’s boards will cost approximately $200 – $250.  When it comes to price, cheaper snowboards are usually geared for beginners and less aggressive.  The price of the snowboard goes u for more advanced boarders and they tend to perform better and get stiffer with more high end materials in the construction.  You will pay between $60 and $100 for bindings.  The price of boots will range anywhere from $50 to $130.  There are beginner packages that are available that include a board, bindings and boots that are normally cheaper.


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