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Tips For Selecting a Used Snowboard


Purchasing a Used Snowboard….

Used snowboards can be a great way to save money especially for a beginner who does not know if they will like the sport.  You must however be very careful with what you are purchasing. If you decide to purchase used equipment you must do your homework.  You must research the brand or style of snowboard that you are interested in purchasing.  This will equip you with the necessary knowledge to make an educated decision.  It will give you an idea of the performance of the board and also the price that you should expect to pay. Never purchase a board just because the price is right. 

Some questions to ask and things to consider regarding the board: 

  • How old is the board?

  • How often has it been used?

  • Have any major repairs been done to it?

  • Why are they selling the board?

  • Is it the right size for you?

  • Do you recognize the brand?  Go on the internet and research the board and manufacturer.  A known brand will mean good quality.  Does it have a manufacturer’s warranty?  If it is a known manufacturer you will always be able to contact them for repair information if needed.

  • What is the overall condition of the board? 

  • How are the edges on the board?  Check to make sure they are not bent or broken in any direction.  They can be sharpened so don’t worry if they are dull.

  • Make sure the base is in good condition.  It should not have deep holes or gauges on the base.  Scratches can be repaired easily.

  • Lay the board on the floor and check the camber, this is the gap between the middle of the board and the floor. It will give you an idea of how much life is left in the board.  You never want a board that sits flat on the floor.

  • Check the top sheet to make sure there are not pressure marks near the bindings.  Cracks or spider cracks around the bindings mean “stay away”.

  • Check to make sure the inserts are working properly.  If these are not in proper working order you won’t be able to set your bindings.

  • Check for delaminating –layers of the board are separating.  This is a sure sign to keep looking.

Where to find a used snowboard?

Used boards can be found on the internet, in newspaper ads, bulletin boards at resorts or your local snowboard shop.  You can also get a good deal by purchasing a model from the previous year.  Try shopping in the summer when many stores are trying to liquidate the old inventory to make room for new products.