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Soccer Number Maze

Soccer Terminology

Corner Kick A method of restarting the game when the goal goes over the goal line after last touching a defensive player.  Kick is taken from the corner nearest where the ball went out.


Cleats Shoes with plastic or rubber points on the bottom worn to provide traction.


Center Circle A circle marking a 10 yard radius in the center of the field.  Point where game is started or restarted.


Dribbling Running with the ball at a players feet and maintaining control.


Down the Line


A ball played parallel to the touch line and thrown toward the goal of the opposing team.  This is the strategy used for a throw in.
Free Kick A kick for a personal foul.  A team may score from this type of kick.


Field Player Any player other than the goalie.


Goalkeeper The player positioned directly in front of the goal.  It is their job to prevent shots from getting into the net.  The only player permitted to use their hands and arms during the game in the penalty area.


Goal A goal is scored when the entire ball enters the net.


Hand Ball Occurs when a player other than a goalie uses an arm or hand to control the ball. This results in a foul and a free kick.


Mark Up Cover an opponent


Match A soccer game


Pass Sending the ball to another player.


Punt The ball is dropped from the hands, by the goalie, and then kicked with the laces.


Referee The official in charge of the game


Referee Signals



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Save Preventing a goal


Scrimmage A practice game


Shutout A game where the opposition does not score a goal.


Soccer Field                         

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Substitution replacement of one player with another.


Throw In A method of continuing play after the ball has crossed the touch line (sideline). The player must throw the ball in at the point where it went out of bounds.  The player must have both feet on the ground and throw the ball with two hands over their head.


Touch Line Sideline running the length of each side of the field.


Wall A line of players protecting the goal from a free kick.