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Tips for Preparing for Soccer Tryouts

By following the guidelines below a soccer player can put themselves in an advantageous position going into tryouts.

Prior to Tryouts

Keep in shape by running approximately 3 days a week.  This will help with your endurance.  If you can easily run 2-3 miles by the end you will be in good shape.

Agility and balance are also very important.  Good running and stopping as well as change of direction is important.  Practice by doing short sprints. Count out 40 yards and 100 yards on a flat surface and put a marker.  Run it a few times. Try to get your 40 under 6 seconds and your 100 under 14 seconds.

To practice your shooting make a circle target on the wall with chalk. It should  be a couple of feet from the ground and about a foot or so across Move back approximately 10 yards and practice kicking against the wall aiming inside the circle. Once you have accomplished it from that distance then move back further and continue.

Practice your technique so that you are comfortable with the ball.  Practice receiving, trapping and control of the ball and you  will find it will pay off.

Every other day do pushups and situps. 

Day of Tryouts

Get there early so that you have plenty of  time to warm up.

Wear Distinctive Clothing
If you don't have to wear specific clothing, why not wear something distinctive? It is a lot easier when coaches can point to someone with yellow socks and ask an opinion, rather than pointing to a group of girls all wearing white T-shirts and blue shorts.

Play With Vigor and Influence the Game
Most tryouts start with small-sided games, like 2v4 or 4v4 to goals, and work up to 8v8 to goals with goalies. Most decisions are made in the small-sided phase. Often, players are rated 1) definitely, 2) maybe, and 3) certainly not. In the 8v8 stage, the 2's might get the most playing time because a decision must be reached. Don't try to guess whether you made it or note by which team you are on. Play vigorously, don't hold back, and try to win as many balls as possible to have as great an impact on the game.

Communicate in the Games
Players who give instruction and help other players with verbal and visual cues stand out as leaders. Good communication makes players stand out in a positive way to observers. Silent players appear to be out of the game mentally.

Introduce Yourself and Ask Questions
Whenever there is a moment, players should greet the coaches. Players should ask questions to ensure that they understand what's going to happen at both the tryout and during any follow-up tryouts or the team notification process.