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Travel Soccer





Travel Soccer provides an opportunity for those seeking a more competitive soccer league.  To earn a position on a travel team, a player must have strong soccer skills and demonstrate proficiency in the game. In addition, they must be extremely dedicated to becoming a better player and must be willing to commit a great deal of time to the team.

Do girl's play travel soccer?

Travel soccer is a sport available to both boys and girls.  Over the years, soccer for girls has grown tremendously and it is now as popular as boys soccer.  In most highly populated areas boys and girls will play together on a team until about the age of 7 and then at that point they will be separated.

What are the age divisions for travel soccer?

All age divisions are based on Birth Date and your child must meet the restrictions to play the division.  Normally, the divisions for travel soccer are:

  • Under 09
  • Under 14


  • Under 10
  • Under 15


  • Under 11
  • Under 16


  • Under 12
  • Under 17


  • Under 13
  • Under 18


For example, the Under 9 division your child must be under 9 by August 1st of the current year to play in that division.  This does vary by league.  Not all leagues will  have all of these divisions and some do not have a senior division which will be under 18. 

Travel leagues are structured on a layered basis. Within each age division teams are normally broken into two or three levels.  These levels can be, Championship, Premiere or Cup, A ,B or C.

The most skilled, dedicated, competitive players are selected to play on the highest-level team. This may be a Championship, Cup or Premier team or an A team, depending on the overall skill level of the group.

Those players who fall just beneath the highest- level group will form the second team in the age group. This group would be A or B based on the first level.

If, after the formation of the second team, there are enough remaining players, a third team is formed.  This team would be B or C based on the second level.

Your child's seating during try-outs determines the level that they will play.

In addition to age divisions there are league divisions.   These divisions are one to five with five being the lowest.   Your coach makes the determination as to what level his/her team should play when he registers the team with a league in the beginning of the season.

Registration for travel soccer will be in May.  Forms for registration can be obtained on the organization's web site or at your local sporting good store.  Many organizations give you the option to register on line.   Registration fees are between 130.00 and 200.00 dollars.

What do I need for registration?

A birth certificate is required at this time to prove the age of your child.  Two small 1x1 head shot pictures of your child will need to be provided. This is used to create identification cards that the league will keep in their possession to prove that your child is a registered travel league member.  Soccer club registration form, travel league registration form and medical release form are usually required.  In addition, you may need to sign a coach, player, and parent conduct form.  Your uniform order form may need to be filled out or in some instances can be done online. Of course last but most important your check book!

Try-Outs  for travel soccer will be in May.  There is usually a nominal fee for tryouts.  This is used to cover the cost of tee shirts that the children wear for the tryouts.  Try-outs will normally be two days. Players make teams based on merit only, so not all players are assured of making a team, as in recreational soccer.



Travel soccer is an all year round sport...

Practice in the summer can be from 1 -3 times a week for 1 - 2 1/2 hours.  In the Fall practices will be held two nights each week for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Your coach will normally talk to everyone on the team and determine a night that is convenient for everyone. 

Games will begin in Mid September and the play consist of approximately eight regular season games, once per week on Saturday or Sunday. 

Will we have playoffs and tournaments?

Once your child reaches U11 there will be a local playoff tournament weekend following the normal season.  This will be two days of soccer, usually 2-3 games on Saturday and 1-2 games on Sunday, with teams being eliminated based on their standings from each game. 

In addition, your team will play any where from 2-6 tournaments each season.  You will register as a team for all tournaments and your coach or team manager will take care of this.  There will be a cost for registration of normally 25.00 - 40.00 dollars for player.   Tournaments are for a full weekend and can be several hours away from your residence.  The tournaments played are chosen by your coach with team approval.  The big weekends for tournaments are the end of August and Columbus weekend.  This will be an additional cost to you.  Hotel, food and your share of tournament fees will be your responsibility. 

What will we do in the Winter?

Once the Fall season is over the team will move into indoor winter soccer.  This will be orchestrated through your soccer coach.  Registration fees will be due in the middle of October and you will register as a team.  Indoor leagues are in two sessions for approximately 8 weeks.  They run from Mid November to Early January and then Mid January to early March. Play time will be once per week at night or on Saturday at a local indoor soccer facility.   Practice will continue through the winter one time per week at an indoor facility. Indoor practice will be an additional cost.

Spring season is mainly scrimmages and tournaments but can also include a 4-6 week cup competition.  Practice will continue one or two times per week depending on the coach.

Sample Travel Team Yearly Schedule

April / May - Tryouts & team formation

May / June - Parent meeting, team set up, and team begins practices

June - July - Team practices, scrimmages,  team camps

August - Tournaments to get ready for the Fall season.

Mid September to November Two training sessions per week, and  league game on the weekend.

October  Columbus Day tournament.

November - Possible Thanksgiving weekend tournament.

December Team break  or first indoor winter league session with indoor practices.

January to March Weekly winter practices, second indoor league session, indoor tournaments.

March to May Practices, Cup competitions, tournaments, scrimmages



Travel soccer is much more expensive than recreational soccer.   In addition to your registration fees you will need to purchase a full uniform.  You will also have tournament fees.  Most teams will have at least one local tournament where you will only have to pay for the tournament registration fee.  For long distance tournaments you will need to add hotel and meals to the cost.  You will also be responsible for trainer and referee fees.  If you are on the first team (A or Premiere team), with league coaches, you will be responsible for the coaches salary as well as their travel expenses for tournaments.  If you have a very active team that does several out of town tournaments and the two winter sessions it will probably cost you about 1000.00  - 1200.00 dollars for the year.  Remember you will pay for these fees throughout the year.   

Travel Soccer Cost Table

Registration 125.00 -215.00 All teams
Uniforms 150.00 All teams
Tournaments Fees 30.00 -35.00 each. Approximately 4 per season All teams
Hotel/ Meals Going Rate All teams
Trainer Fees 30.00 - 35.00 per session All teams
Referee Fees 35.00 All teams
Coaches Fees/Travel Exp 100.00 -3000.00 Premiere and A Team  only
Winter Indoor League 80.00 - 85.00 per session All teams
Indoor practice facility cost 150.00 All teams
Field lights 35.00 All teams
Tournament Patches 15.00 All teams
Team Camp 125.00 All Teams


EQUIPMENT What do I need to buy for my child?

You must provide your child with a soccer ball.  You must check with your coach or local sporting goods store to determine the size ball that your child needs.  Normally, U8 - U10 will need a # 4 ball and U12 - U14 will need a # 5 ball.  A water bottle is needed. Soccer cleats are required.  Shin guards are necessary.   These items can be purchased at any sporting goods store, Wal-Mart, Kmart or Target.

For further information on  shoes and shin guards see soccer shoes. 



You will also need to purchase a soccer uniform from your league.  The uniform will consist of two game shirts, with shorts and sock to match.  The shirts will be two different colors.  One will be for away games and one will be for home games. In addition, you may need a practice jersey that can also be used as a third jersey for games.  The uniform will cost approximately 150.00 dollars.  In addition, most travel players purchase a soccer bag with their name on it to hold all of their equipment.  The bag will cost approximately 35.00.  Many teams will also opt to purchase sweat shirts and pants or jackets at additional cost.

It is suggested that your child carry their entire uniform in their bag at all times.  There are many situations where they have to change uniforms because color is too close to what the opposing team may be wearing.



For a first team the coaches will be league positions, meaning the person is selected and trained by the league.  The head coach and an assistant coach positions for the second and third teams are filled by parent volunteers.  The volunteers are very experienced with soccer and have been coaches in the past.  In addition each team, will have a league or outside trainer that will work with the team on a selected basis.  This will be an additional cost of about 25.00 dollars for each player.