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Sports for the child that does not like teams Sports and keeping Healthy
How to locate sports programs Selecting Cleats Preparing your child for not making a team
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Offside rule for soccer MOMS Spalding's Rookie Gear - Innovative Equipment for 8 and under Ideas for Coach Presents
What parents need to understand about kids and sporting events Creative Ideas for Building Team Camaraderie


Quite often it is difficult for parents just starting out in a particular sport to locate the sports programs or leagues in your community.  There are in fact a number of ways to resolve this problem.


Information on sports will often appear in your local newspapers.  Page ads throughout the paper or notices in the sports section would be a place to look. Other sources are any free monthly youth magazines available in grocery and department stores

Elementary schools.....

Many elementary schools will distribute flyers containing youth sports registration information for the community.  Middle or Intermediate schools are less likely to send flyers home. The number of students is often large and the percentage of students participating in non-school sports tends to drop off during these middle school years.  Once your child reaches Middle school the information that you receive will be for school district activities.

Sporting goods stores....

Local sporting goods stores may have bulletin boards containing information for all sporting activities in the community. 


Other parents are a great source of information since many have already participated in sporting activities with older children. 

Telephone Directory......

The telephone directory is another source that may have listings of the clubs or organizations.

National Web Sites to Find Sports Organizations.....

Many youth sports organizations now have websites and voice mail containing information about their programs. 

Listed below are some national sites that may help you with your research....

Boys & Girls Clubs  has a find a club page where you can search by city for a club.

YMCA, which offers a variety of activities for children of all ages,  allows you to search by zip, city or state for a Y near you on their site's  home page.


The Pop Warner national web site now has a league finder that can help you locate a team in your area.


Little League's has a "Finding a Local League" link on the left navigation bar of their website which directs you to regional centers' contact information. In addition from this site you can search for individual teams by state.


Pony League's web site has a Contact|Search for Contacts link where you can look for your zone. (e.g. South will give you the contact information for the southern region of the US)


Babe Ruth League's web site League Membership Info page where you can request information.


American Legion Baseball's web site has a page with directory information.


Eteamz also has a site finder that might help you find organizations in your area. If an organization has a Eteamz Web site, the site finder can help you find their site. Just enter your zip code for a list of baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer and volleyball teams or organizations in your area.


If you are looking for a competitive playing environment check the AAU website especially to find an event or a find a team page.


US Youth Soccer has a national web site and a state directory page. SAY USA Soccer specializes in recreation soccer.


US Lacrosse has a website that can connect your with a local chapter. One the left  hand side of the screen select the  "connect with your chapter" option on the navigation bar.


US field hockey's national website allows you to search by entering a state code.


The national website for US Ice Hockey has a map of the United States on the left side of the screen's navigation bar with the words "Find Hockey Near You".  Click on the map and then enter your state code. 

The important thing to remember is to start your research early because with most sports organizations registration will be months before the sport begins.  In some instances there are try-outs, which again will be months in advance.  Once you hit the season for the sport it is most likely it is too late to join the team.