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Everything You Wanted to Know About Surf Vacations


When it comes to surfing the world is your playground and it is every surfers desire to find the "Perfect Waves".   You just need to get there! Obviously the decision needs to be based on time, money and what is realistic for your surfing abilities. 

Check out some of the best locations to go for surf vacations by destination...
Surfing Vacations

Shop For The Best Deals ....
Regardless of your destination you should always shop around for air fare and accommodations.  You will find a great variation in prices.   The internet makes this task painless with websites like Travelocity and Expedia.  I prefer to use Vacations-To-Go when making my vacation plans.  I found them to be very competitive as well as reliable.

Surfboard Airline Restrictions...
The one thing that you must keep in mind is that airlines have  restrictions on surfboards.   So be sure to investigate this prior to booking your reservation since airline regulations change constantly.  Here is what you want to check:

  • Is your board within the maximum dimensions?
  • Is your packed boardbag within the maximum allowed weight for a single item of luggage?
  • Does the airline charge a flat fee per boardbag?
  • Is the board covered in your luggage allowance?
  • Do you have to advise the airline that you will be bringing a board prior to checking in?

Packing a Surfboard...
It is extremely important that you pack your surfboard properly to eliminate damage to the board.  Failing to take the time to do this could result in no surfboard when you arrive at your "surf vacation" destination.  A good board bag is a must! 

Packing For A Surf Trip...
In addition, be sure to research the climate and water temperature so that you take the necessary equipment with you.  A wetsuit may be necessary due to water temperatures.  You may need boots if you are surfing a coral reef. You should also include sunscreen, sunglasses and rash guards, remember the sun can be much stronger and you do not want to burn.  Don't forget your board leashe, and wax.  You might want to take spare fins, in case you break one and a ding repair kit.  Both could be difficult to locate on some small islands.  A full first aid kit with antibiotics would also be a smart thing to take with you.

Vaccinations Required?
Depending where you are going you may need to be vaccinated.  Check the Center for Disease Control  to determine any risks factors.  Vaccines should always be taken in advance to allow the antibodies to begin working so don't wait until the last minute. 

Visa and Passports....
Some countries require a Visa.  Be sure to check in advance to see if you can get it upon arrival there or if you need it in advance.  You would not want to be put back on a plane and sent home because you do not have your Visa.

If you are an American citizen and will be leaving the country you now need a passport.  This new law includes Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.  For details on obtaining a passport see our passport tips section.