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Wetsuits for Surfing - Care and Repair


In order to keep your wetsuit in great shape it is necessary to care for it properly.  Occasionally wet suits will tear and it is important to know how to repair them appropriately. Below you will find details for the care and repair of your wetsuit.

Wetsuit Care

Rinse you suit, boots and gloves thoroughly every time you use it using a mild detergent or a specific wetsuit soap.  Always use warm water, hot water is not recommended.

Store your wetsuit on a wide plastic hanger. Wire hangers and leaving your suit in a heap on the floor will create creases which will decrease the lifespan of the suit.   You should never store your suit in direct sunlight because it will lose elasticity and become stiff and brittle.

How to Repair a Wetsuit Tear
Compliments of

how to repair

Fingernail cuts can occur on the smooth surfaces of a wetsuit. This is usually the result of pulling too hard when putting the suit on or by catching or pinching the surface of the wetsuit with your nails. While we make every effort to ensure that our products use the toughest materials available you should be aware that as a performance product wetsuits are not bullet proof and occasionally small tears do occur. Should a tear or fingernail cut occur, then repairing it yourself is a very simple 5 minute job.


You will need Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant. Click here to purchase a 1oz tube of Aquaseal. Optionally you can buy a “puncture repair kit” from any bike store (the glue used to fix bike tire innertube is basically the same).

You will also need a small brush (such as an artists painting brush) or a spatula (which can simply be a thin piece of plastic or card).

Step 1:
Fold the wetsuit over at the point of the cut so that the cut opens up to reveal the two surfaces that need to be glued back together.

Step 2:
Apply a thin, even layer of rubber cement glue to both surfaces. Continue to hold the cut open while the glue dries. Do not rejoin the surfaces while the glue is still wet or tacky.

Step 3:
The glue will only take 1 to 3 minutes to dry (depending on room temperature and humidity). The glue looks glossy when wet. It will become matte when dry. Once it appears dry, then check it by gently touching the glue surface to check. It will feel only slightly tacky and will not stick to your finger.

Step 4:
Flatten out the suit so that the two surfaces come together. The bond is instant.

Step 5:
Pinch the two surfaces firmly together.


Note: the suit can be used in the water right away. However, the maximum bond is achieved over a period of 4 to 6 hours. Therefore, you should avoid putting any immediate pressure on to the repaired surface.