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Wrestling Scoring

Folkstyle How to select wrestling shoes Terminology How to Buy a Wrestling Singlet
Scoring Referee Signals Training and Nutrition for Amateur Wrestling Wrestling Skin Disorders
A Dad's Wrestling Advice to His Son How to Find a Wrestling Club ●Wrestling- Off Season  
Takedown (Folkstyle)



When from a neutral position, one wrestler is able to bring his opponent to the mat and gain control.

Score: 2 points

Escape (Folkstyle)  

Escaping your opponent's control.

Score: 1 point

Reversal (Folkstyle)  

When the wrestler on the bottom is able to reverse the control so that his/her opponent is on the bottom.

Score: 2 points

Near Fall (Folkstyle)  

Points awarded when one wrestler comes close to pinning the other.

Score: Worth two or three points depending on the length of time that the opponent's back is exposed to the mat.


Penalty Points (Folkstyle)  

Can be awarded when the opposing wrestler performs illegal moves or receives a penalty for excessive stalling.


Take Downs, Escapes, Reversals (Freestyle, Greco-Roman)


Awarded one point unless there is exposure of the back then additional points would be awarded.
Grand Amplitude (Freestyle, Greco-Roman)  

Holds where an opponent is lifted from the mat and brought from a standing position immediately to their back.

Five points

Back Points (Freestyle, Greco-Roman)  

Turning your opponents back within 90 degrees of the mat. Not necessary to be in the offensive position to get back points.  A defender can be awarded points if their opponent's back makes contact with the mat.






A warning is given for excessive stalling and then penalties begin for subsequent calls.

Penalty: 1 point for the first and second penalty, 2 points for the third penalty, disqualification for the fourth penalty.


Win by Fall  

A fall is known as a pin, which occurs when one wrestler holds both his opponents' shoulders on the mat at the same time.


Win by Technical Fall  

If either wrestler gains a fourteen-point lead (Folkstyle) or a ten-point lead (Freestyle, Greco-Roman) on their opponent at any point then the match is declared over and he/she is the winner.


Win by Decision  

This occurs when neither wrestler achieves a fall or technical fall, the wrestler with the most points is declared the winner. If the number of points is the same then the decision will go to a panel of judges who will base the winner on aggressiveness and effectiveness. 


Win by injury  

A  wrestler is knocked out or unable to wrestle because of injury the other is declared the winner.


Flagrant Misconduct Results in disqualification of the individual and immediate removal from the premises.