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How to Buy a Wrestling Singlet
Folkstyle How to select wrestling shoes Terminology How to Buy a Wrestling Singlet
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A wrestling singlet is a one-piece, tight-fitting, colored, lycra uniform used in amateur wrestling.  Singlets come in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors, sizes, prices and designs to meet the needs and budget of every wrestler.  These uniforms are designed for durability and comfort, and are made from either lycra or nylon. The singlet should fit close to the body and cover all appropriate body parts.

How to determine the size of a singlet?

The chart below with help you to determine the size singlet to purchase for your son or daughter.  It is best to go to a larger size if you child’s weight is at the high end of the weight bracket.  For instance if your child weighs 89 lbs you may consider going with the XS rather than the XXS so you will have some growing room and the singlet will last longer.

Size & Weight Table




45-60 lbs (20-27 kg)


60-90 lbs (27-40 kg)


90-110 lbs (40-49 kg)


110-130 lbs (50-59 kg)


130-155 lbs (60-69 kg)


155-185 lbs (70-84 kg)


185-225 lbs (85-102 kg)


225-275 lbs (103-125 kg)


What style singlet do I need?

The type of singlet worn varies with the style of wrestling.  For instance usually high cut singlets are used predominantly in folkstyle or collegiate wrestling (US high school/college wrestling) while the low cut singlets are used for freestyle and greco-roman wrestling. Collegiate singlets are cut higher in the neckline as well as in the arms while freestyle singlets are cut lower in the neckline and lower in the arms. Both styles tend to extend to just above the knee.

Prior to the last few years, there were very few choices for however recently some manufactures have started to design singlets exclusively for women.  These manufacturers include Summit Sports, Cliff Keen, Asics, and Applause Appare.

One of the leading names of kids wrestling gear is the Brute Big Kids Lehigh Singlet.  This type of singlet is striped, made of lycra and the legs have gripper elastic that clings to the wrestler's body.  

Colors and fabrics of singlets?

Wrestling singlets come in the traditional red and blue but can also be found, at a higher price,  in many different colors including maroon, scarlet, gold, white, green, and black.

In most high school and college wrestling matches, the competitors wear singlets in their team colors.  Some manufacturers will even custom design singlets with school colors and logos.

Outside school competition, the international wrestling federation (FILA) requires both blue and red singlets for Freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling.  So if your son or daughter is wrestling in either of these styles that is the color of preference, since that is what is required at most national and international wrestling tournaments.  Wrestlers are required to bring both  red and blue singlets and are told before the match which color to wear.  Red and blue reversible singlets are available and are about one quarter the price of purchasing two separate singlets.

Singlets are made predominantly from either Lycra, nylon or a combination of the two fabrics. The all Lycra singlets are usually lighter and generally tend to fit better.

  What will a singlet cost?

Singlets vary in price anywhere from $20 to $90.  Reversible singlets are more expensive but worth the extra cost.